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Most guys wish they had the natural ability to satisfy women in bed. I'll go on record (in case you haven't figured this out by now) as saying I have no idea what women think about in bed. But there are questions that burn in guys' minds when it comes to female sexual preferences. So, I'm going to lay them out, and see what you have to say:

1. Does Size Matter?

I think it matters a bit, because no one wants a super-small guy, do they? Then again, girls tell me that a "bigger" guy is a little intimidating and the sex can be painful. Many women have told me that girth is more important than length, but I think that a combination of good girth and length does the trick, and most guys can overcome size issues by using it well.

2. Does Length of Time of Intercourse Matter?

Like size, is seems as though length of intercourse time needs to be just right. Every guy fears being that "2-minutes-and-done" guy. During my formative years I was so scared of being that guy that I worked on not getting too aroused at every level: from kissing to sex. I kept my mind off what was happening and focused on random unrelated things to ensure that I didn't ejaculate too early.

But it backfired. Sex went on too long, sometimes for 45 minutes. I went from feeling like an amazing stallion to feeling awkward and inadequate because no one was happy with that length of time. So, I've heard 15-20 minutes is a good time, but what would you say?

3. Is Foreplay Overrated, or Underrated?

I assume most women love foreplay. I even admit I love foreplay — little things like kissing, etc., get things going the right way, in my book. In my constant quest to satisfy my partner, I make sure to include plenty of foreplay during encounters. In fact, I've been told that the way I speak to a woman, previous dates, and time spent together leading up to an encounter could all be considered foreplay.

However, spontaneous quick encounters like "kitchen table sex" involve very little foreplay, but seem at least as passionate as sex with foreplay. When you lock eyes, and go at it right then and there with no time for foreplay, is it better than sex with foreplay, or just different?

4. Are You Unsatisfied if You Don't Have an Orgasm?

Hopefully, you haven't been with too many men that complain that they are unsatisfied if they don't have an orgasm. I've never had "blue balls" (that phenomenon where a guy's testicles ache if they've gotten aroused but didn't have an orgasm). I don't think women experience pain when they don't have an orgasm, but do they feel let down after sex if they don't have one?

5. Is Oral Better Than "Regular"?

I used to think I could do no wrong administering oral sex to a woman. It helps that many guys seem reluctant to do it, making it like that fun friend that rarely comes out but when they are out they are always a great time. Oral sex is just as elusive. But I'm learning there are women who don't like oral sex, or think it's gross or whatever.

So, is it better than regular sex, or does it depend on your mood?I can tell you that guys love "BJ's". In fact guys talk about BJs more fondly than they talk about sex. I'm afraid to ask for BJs though, because it seems disrespectful. So I just wait to get lucky when a girl decides to do it...to tell you the truth, I don't like them too much anyway.

So what are your answers to my questions? Do you have questions like this for guys, or are we a simple, stupid, and easy to figure out/satisfy as I think we are?

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