5 Ways to Boost His Libido

A man is less likely to cheat if you can help raise his testosterone levels.

As you may recall, the other week, I did an interview with Christopher Ryan, author of Sex at Dawn, and we talked about why men have flings.

As Christopher told me then: "We think the role of testosterone (T) deserves more attention when it comes to the question of middle-aged men's eroticism. In their twenties, men's T levels begin a long decline, often experienced as diminished passion. One of the few things that can reliably revive sagging testosterone is exposure to a new woman; even a brief chat with an attractive female can raise men's testosterone levels by 14 percent, as one study found. In Sex at Dawn, we suggest that many men may be confusing the hormonal rush they feel after being with a new lover with actual 'love.'"

I found this whole question of testosterone quite interesting, so I decided to follow up with Christopher in order to ask what other activities or practices might increase a man's testosterone levels — ones that don't require the appearance of a young temptress.

1. Get in frequent full-body workouts. "When men exercise all of their muscles — rather than just pumping iron — they activate their body's natural testosterone production system," says Ryan. So if your husband or boyfriend seems low on sexual energy, encourage him to get together with his friends for some pickup soccer or touch football a few times a week. "If he happens to be on the winning team, his testosterone will get an even bigger boost," Ryan notes. What's more, being physically fit pays off in the bedroom in all sorts of ways — as I discussed in an earlier post.

2. Be careful about alcohol. It can cause a steep drop-off in testosterone levels.

3. Avoid soy. Soy products such as soy milk, tofu, and tempeh contain natural estrogen-like compounds that can block testosterone production and function.

4. Try not to stress. "Chronic stress takes a terrible toll on our bodies in general — and our libidos don't escape unscathed," says Ryan. So men should do what they can to keep anxieties in check and to alleviate any excessive pressure they feel at work. Two things that help immensely: Exercising and getting enough sleep.

5. Have a scary experience. Apparently thrill-producing experiences — like riding motorcycles or going on roller coasters — help make a man perk up down there.

So ... ladies and gents, perhaps this is helpful?

Tomorrow, I plan to have related advice for women who are going on first dates — on the topic of how you might help to boost a man's testosterone without him realizing it.