"My Date Had Gas" and Other Dating Dealbreakers

What makes you ditch a guy before date number two?

M. Sharkey
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Merry, 22

"My date was driving us home when a dog jumped into the road. He swerved right into it and laughed. I think the dog actually lived—but our relationship died."

Lori, 30

"Dinner with a new guy was going great until an awful smell started coming and going. We complained to the restaurant, but they had no idea what it was. Right before we left, my date used the restroom, and our waiter came up to me. He said he knew what the smell was—my date had bad gas, which was why he was taking so long in the bathroom. That was the end of that guy. I couldn't believe he blamed the smell on the restaurant when it was him all along!"

Katie, 30

"My date showed up at my door with a shirt for me to wear. He thought it would look sexy on me. Creepy!"

Chana, 26

"I was on a date with this guy, and we decided to take the subway to a baseball game. Then, all of a sudden, he started talking dirty to me. He had a volume control problem, so everyone around us heard him. After he stopped the raunchy talk, he told me a story about his friend and herpes—loudly, of course. I've never been so embarrassed."

Catherine, 29

"When a guy I was friends with asked me out, I thought it was strange that he gave me his number on the back of an ATM receipt. During our date, I found out the real reason: He said he searches ATM booths for receipts with large balances. Then, when he meets girls, he writes his number on the back so he looks wealthy. We definitely never went on another date."

Jyl, 28

"We were leaving the bar after a fun night when my date said, 'Excuse me for a minute,' and stopped to pee against a wall. We were on a busy street with cars passing by! He talked to me the whole time, then zipped up and continued walking to the car as if nothing had happened."

Sangeeta, 26

"When the bartender asked for my date's ID, he said he didn't have it because of a DWI."

Jessica, 29

"Dinner went well with this guy, then we went to a party. There, he led me to a bedroom. When I said I wouldn't hook up with him because there were people on the other side of the door, he put a dresser in front of it. When I said we needed to get to know each other better, he said, 'I'll love you for tonight.' At that point, I shoved the dresser aside and left. No thanks!"

Allison, 27

"I showed up for a blind date. He looked good and dressed well, so I was excited—until the snot started flowing. He stayed at the table and let his nose run all night instead of getting a tissue. My friends and I refer to him now as the 'booger monster.'"

Shannon, 25

"My date's cell phone rang several times while we were out. He answered all the calls—each from the same girl. Finally, after the last one, he hung up and told me the other girl was on her way to meet him. He said they had a lot of catching up to do and asked if I wouldn't mind leaving."