The Undeniable Upsides to Your Best Friend Getting a Boyfriend

There are always silver linings to consider—trust us.

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Don't think of it as losing a friend; think of it as gaining a new designated driver! Now that your best friend has a boyfriend, things are going to change, but not necessarily for the worse! Here are a few ways to find the bright side of missing your BFF:

1. Relax. This isn't going to change your friendship, unless you let it. So, CALM DOWN. And seriously, whatever you do, don't panic and buy a bird. That will make you lonelier. Take it from someone who knows.

2. You might not see her as often, so make your time with her count! Plan "friend dates" in your calendars so you have time to do the things you like to do as a "friend couple." You know like, pick out your dream homes on real estate websites, read your horoscopes to each other, and watch The First Wives Club, again.

3. A simple "I'm thinking about you!" text can help you stay connected even when both of your schedules are action-packed. Bonus points if you can use all those neglected emojis like the pineapple or the French horn. DOUBLE bonus points if you can use both of those, and still make it sound dirty.

4. Hurry to happy hour, but invite your pal and her new man to join you. Make him bring a friend from work—just not that creepy friend who's holding more than one cat in his Facebook picture.

5. Update your online dating profile to include that new picture of you where, at first glance, you look like Mila Kunis. While we're on the subject, take out any use of the phrase "I'm passionate about." Your profile is not an awful cover letter. Speaking of...

6. Re-commit yourself to your job. Let's face it: those boozy Sunday brunches have been taking their toll, and sneaking naps in the bathroom at lunch is a little gross. Efficient, but gross. So take on an extra project or two, and show your boss that you are ready for that promotion. Maybe pick up those Rag & Bone boots you've been eyeing for extra encouragement.

7. You lost your yoga partner, so take this opportunity to strike up a conversation with the girl who is always nailing tree pose. You can pick up a few pointers or find out where she gets her cute yogi outfits.

8. You've been meaning to call your old roommate to catch up over margaritas for ages, so here's your chance! You always have fun with her, and besides, the waiter won't look at you funny when you order two sides of rice and beans if you have someone else with you.

9. Volunteer for a cause you believe in, or really any cause. Pick one charity event, and see how it goes. If it's your first time helping others, just make sure the day ends with half-priced well drinks. You'll need them.

10. Email a group of ladies, and see who wants to start a "Look Club." It's like a book club, but instead of reading, you just look to see who's on Tinder together.

11. Sign up for one of those long distance runnning groups. We know you hate running, but at least the guys that do it make for some cute distractions. Plus you can use it as an opportunity to burn off some of that wine from Look Club.

12. Be happy for her! She'd fake it for you, too.

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