Apparently, Men Don't Want You to Save the Day


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The next time you see a guy fiddling on his phone while crossing the street against heavy traffic, let him go. (Not really...but maybe). You can blame it on Karma: According to a new study (opens in new tab) published in the journal Evolution and Human Behaviour, men don't find women who act "heroically"—like, soldiers in the army—sexually attractive.

Resist the super tempting urge to punch a hole in the wall next to you until we explain. Researchers from the University of Southampton in the U.K. recruited 159 women and 181 men and showed them profiles of soldiers performing brave acts—such as fighting in combat or help victims during a natural disaster—you know, going above and beyond the line of duty. Women got all hot and bothered by the men in these situations; men were not turned on by the females.

Study authors suggest history is the root of this attraction—men have been known to be the more physically and psychologically stronger species (ahem). So, how do they recommend you take this information? "In light of the physical dangers and reproductive risks involved, participating in intergroup aggression might not generally be a viable reproductive strategy for women," they say in a press release (opens in new tab). Reproductive strategy? Feel free to go punch that wall now.

Few things here: 1) STFU, 2) #sorrynotsorry for saving your lives, and 3) When it comes to heroism and strength, women are just as fearless and courageous as their XY counterparts. End rant.

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