30 Cute Things to Gift for Valentine’s Day (Because Sometimes We Just Need a Treat)

Spoil yourself.

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February will always be one of my favorite months of the year. January is long and cold, but February brings a little hope. The L.A. sunshine starts to peek through again (I'll never get over winter beach days), it's my mom's—aka my best friend's—birthday, and most significantly, it's Valentine's Day. Even before I met my husband, I was a sucker for the holiday. Whether I was celebrating with girlfriends, myself, or my parents, I'd always soak up the love and good vibes the holiday brings.

This year, I'm spreading the love by shopping cute Valentine's Day gifts to give my friends, family, and, hey, maybe myself as well. I deserve some love! Keep scrolling to see what I found.

Anneliese Henderson
Senior Fashion Editor, Branded Content