Here to Make Your Holiday Travel Delightful: Rimowa Unique

The brand's new personalization service let's you customize their classic aluminum carry-on.

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If you’re someone likes me who basically lives on a cycle of “unpack, wash, pack, repeat,” chic travel essentials are as important as anything else in your day-to-day wardrobe. So as us globe-trotters approach a new decade of weekend adventures, maybe it’s finally time to ditch that hum-drum monogrammed weekender bag and tell mom not to gift you yet another roomy duffle, and instead take your suitcase game to a whole new level.

Rimowa, the authority on hard-side luggage, recently launched a customizable rollerboard option so that you can play “pimp my carry-on.” Simply select a new classic size aluminum carry-on ($970) and make it your very own by adding wheels, handle, and luggage tag in your choice of seven colors. Et voila! Congratulations, you are now a Rimowa designer. Chic, no?

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The mix shown here is “Honey” wheels, “Lagoon” handles, and a sprinkle of “Paprika” on the tag. Mix-and-match to your heart’s content online or, if you’re headed straight to the airport, in-store. They can customize right on the spot, and you can wheel your specialized suitcase away with a spring in your step. The add-ons are a la carte ($80 for the luggage tags, $310 for a two handle set, $170 for a four-wheel set) so, yes, one-of-a-kind luggage comes at a price, but one that will carry you through long-weekends and business trips well into your next decade of fabulous travel. See you at the airport!

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RIMOWA UNIQUE, prices starting at $970

(Image credit: Tyler Joe)

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