50 Photos of the Royal Family on Vacation Through the Years

Even royals need some R&R every now and then.

Royal Trips
(Image credit: Getty Images)

Even the royal family needs some R&R from time to time. Safaris in the valleys of Africa, skiing in the Alps, catching waves off islands in the Caribbean—royals know how to take advantage of their vacation days. According to ABC News, members of the royal family worked an average of 85 days in 2019, which is about one-third of the 253 days that normal citizens of the U.K. work. (Fun fact: For the third year in a row, Princess Anne is the hardest working royal, working a total of 167 days out of the 365 calendar year.) As for this past year, the family worked 761 days in total. That's not even including all the off-the-record engagements they may have had to take for personal reasons. So when they really need to get away, the royals go all out. From lavish trips to Spain to the Bahamas, feast your eyes on just a few of the Windsor's most envy-inducing vacations, ahead.

Bianca Rodriguez

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