19 Super Pretty Long Hairstyles for 2015

We've got hair ideas for days.

Okay, Rapunzel -- let down that hair! Marie Claire has a variety of styles for your long locks.

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1 Cara Delevingne's Easy Bedhead

How to get the perfect bedhead look: Literally wake up like this and smooth down only slightly (it also helps to be Miss Delevingne).

2 Dakota Johnson's Tousled Waves

Tousled is great for any occasion and is really low maintenance. Loosely wrap strands around a wand curling iron like this to get these effortless waves.

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3 Adele's Retro Half-Up/Half-Down

It's the London posh version of the bang puff we all loved in 2009.

4 America Ferrera's Side Part

This style is perfect for a casual day-outing—just do a deep side part and tuck your hair behind your ear. Then use your flat iron to bump the ends of your hair and give your look a little body.

5 Ariana Grande's Kittenish Pony

Load on the layers and make it dramatic with a *super* high pony. If you aren't blessed with long locks, use clip-in extensions to get the volume.

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6 Jessica Biel's Beachy Waves

You know how you seem to love your curls even more the day after you've slept on them? Avoid curling the ends of your hair to achieve Jessica's second-day style without the poor haircare habit.

7 Kim Kardashian's Hollywood Glam

She has tried almost every hairstyle known to womankind and has pulled them all off gracefully, but these large barrel curls and side-swept bang is easily on our list of top-five fave Kim looks.

8 Suki Waterhouse's Loose Curls

This length is the most versatile of all long haircuts, in our humble opinion. And as you can see here, it works beautifully with bangs, which you can just part in the middle and sweep to the sides if you get sick of them. We recommend a loose, easy curl like Waterhouse's with this cut.

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9 Olivia Wilde's Ombré Waves

Don't believe the hype: Ombré is still in, and it's a great look for girls with longer strands.

10 Gigi Hadid's Dark Roots

Long and golden blonde is the best way to capture a free-spirited, Cali-girl vibe—and keeping roots dark means less time in the stylist's chair (and less $$$ at the salon).

11 Zoë Kravitz's Long Braids

There are many ways to get long hair when all your attempts to grow out your mane prove fruitless. Here, Kravitz demonstrates the beauty of braided extensions.

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12 Gwenyth Paltrow's Straight Strands

This has been a signature style of Gwen's for some time. Stick-straight with a side part; you clearly can't go wrong.

13 Kate Upton's Vintage-y Curls

If you don't have time to pull off this meticulous look, just curl your bang to perfection and pin the rest back.

14 Rihanna's '90s Mermaid Hair

Nix the crazy colors and channel your inner mermaid with super-long, wavy hair like Rihanna. It's a statement unto itself.

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15 Anna Kendrick's Side-Part Update

Pixie cuts aren't the only style that can exude confidence. Slick back one side of your hair, pulling it all to over one shoulder, and use a large curling iron to create this spectacular look.

16 Chrissy Teigen's Majorly Highlighted Waves

The huge waves are *almost* as awesome as these highlights! Yes to everything.

17 Iggy Azalea's Ringlets

You won't see many girls with enough guts to try this. Use a skinny curling wand and curl small sections of hair. Be sure to pull the curls out just slightly to avoid poodle-ness.

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18 Zooey Deschanel's Bombshell Volume

Stay fun and feminine with wispy curls and front bangs.