The 9 Biggest Hair Trends for Fall

There's a lot of '70s love coming your way.

From the looks we've been eyeing since they first came down the runway, to those fit for an Indian summer, these are the trends *all* the cool girls will be wearing come September—so why not get ahead of the pack? (Hint: There's a lot to love about the '70s.)

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1 Hippie Waves

Should you want to buck the cropped trend, grow out your locks, part your hair at the center, and add loose, billowy waves à la Bey.

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2 Fringy Pixie

All the ladies who went for the chop are skipping their trims to grow out their pixies. Think: messy fringe and results that are nothing short of cool.

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3 '70s Curls

This summer, Solange and Rihanna lead the charge for embracing frizz and big, fluffy curls are heading straight past summer. Curly girls, heads up, you can achieve this look just by brushing out your coils with a round brush.

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4 Wet-Shine Finish

Instead of the ultra-wet slick back we've seen for the past couple seasons, opt for a lighter, wet-shine finish at the roots—which is just as edgy, but without as much product to worry about.

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5 The Swag

Shaggy hair has gotten a 2015 makeover by way of The Swag, a term coined by celebrity stylist Sunnie Brook in an interview with Byrdie for long layers and peek-a-boo bangs of different lengths depending on your face shape.

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6 Half-Up, Half-Down

The half-bun has been the go-to lazy girl look for summer and it's not slowing down for fall. If anything, there will just be more, slightly sophisticated variations of the 'do.

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7 Deliberate Bedhead

Bedhead is getting a makeover. But fear not, it's practically just as low maintenance as what you roll out of bed with, just a little more polished. For that lasts-all-day texture, we're loving dry shampoo paste to create waves and give it some hold.

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8 Hair Accessories

While what we saw on the runway at Dolce & Gabbana and Prada might be a little too ornamental for an everyday look, a headband with a spot of embellishment is an easy way to add some glamour to your hair.

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9 Loose Wisps

While in past seasons, a wisp of hair in your face might have been a no-no, It Girls like Kendall Jenner are proving that there's nothing chicer than letting 'em go. Smooth them over with a shine serum for some extra sheen.

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