Our Favorite DJs Share Their Go-To Songs of Summer

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If your host asks you to put on some tunes, don't panic. We asked in-the-know DJs to share their 2014 summer-anthem predictions and all-time favorite hot-weather standbys. (Or, to make life easy, just crank up the Branché summer playlists, below, and subscribe to the Marie Claire Spotify account)

1. Harley Viera Newton

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2014 Summer Anthem: "Summer" by Calvin Harris

Hot-Weather Standby: The Beach Boys' Pet Sounds

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2. Tennessee Thomas

2014 Anthem: "Don't know — but I'll be listening to Mac DeMarco, Black Lips, and Wild Belle."

Hot-Weather Standby: "Someday" by The Strokes

3. Kitty Cash

2014 Anthem: "Something produced by or featuring Pharrell."

Hot-Weather Standby: "Big Pimpin'" by Jay Z

4. Chelsea Leyland

2014 Anthem: "Too difficult to choose!'Love Never Felt So Good' by Michael Jackson is sure to be one of them."

Hot-Weather Standby: "Doin' Ya Thang" by Oliver $

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