IT HAS ARRIVED: The First Teaser for the Final Season of 'Mad Men' Is Here

And it is groovy. 

Set to the sweet, sweet croons of Diana Ross on her amorous 1976 gem "Love Hangover," our first teasy-taste of the final episodes of Mad Men has hit the internet. And one thing's for certain: It's going to be groovy, baby.

The 30-second clip, entitled, "The Party's Over," has it all. Peggy is an audacious lady in red. Pete has a receding hairline that will make you giddy. Sally is more grown-up than ever. Betty's still got that scowl down pat, while lounging in a sun dress. Don stares blankly into the unknown. Joan looks #flawless. Sterling sips a martini in style. And Megan, oh Megan...

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Mrs. Don Draper is the '70s fox of our dreams clad in a white lace bell-sleeved crop top, matching bell bottoms, and a gold body chain.

Mad Men returns April 5. Brace yourselves.

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