'The Mindy Project' Is Canceled and, Naturally, Everyone Is Really Upset About It

We'll be okay you guys. Let's Beyoncé Pad Thai this situation.

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Where's Dr. Lahiri's fairytale ending? Where's Danny to save the day with some awesome dance moves? Where's Morgan to add some humor to the situation? WHERE ARE THEY? We need all of these things (and a lot of wine) because The Mindy Project is no more.

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Fox won't be picking up the show for a fourth season, Entertainment Weekly reports, and it ended its third season in March. (What the heck, Fox—she's a pregnant lady! You can't just quit on a pregnant lady!) (For clarification purposes, we mean Mindy's character, not Mindy herself.)

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In any case, there may be a silver lining—the show's producer, Universal Television, is in talks with Hulu to continue the show for *several* seasons. Hulu already has rights to the show's episode streaming, so it makes sense that they would go to them first. But hey, Universal Television! If it doesn't pan out, you need to hit up every streaming service to continue this show. The fans demand it:

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