The Ultimate "Listen to Old Drake Songs and Cry" Playlist

Because we're all just Aubrey Grahams behind a Champagne Papi front.

If you were among the 28,000 Facebook users who successfully attended the unofficial "Listen to Old Drake Songs and Cry" event that took place at 12 am on January 1, 2016—we get it and admire your dedication to feeling all the feels at the stroke of midnight. 

This said, we think it's today, the first Monday back to work after the warm-and-fuzzy holiday break that you really need Drizzy's hot love and emotion endlessly. So while you sift through the scary vortex that is your e-mail and want to die, seek salvation with S.A.D.'s (Sad A** Drake) melancholy-yet-sexy croons in these 20, relatively-vintage cuts. Thank him later.

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