Watch: Channing Tatum Tells His Fans in Alabama Why He Wouldn't Vote for Roy Moore

He doesn’t usually get political, but this time he couldn’t stay silent.

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Alabama residents went to the polls Tuesday in a special election for U.S. Senate—and Alabama native Channing Tatum made a rare political statement to weigh in on the race.

The Huffington Post reports that Channing Tatum, who was born and raised in Cullman, Alabama, made a rare political statement in support of Democrat Doug Jones. In an Instagram video, Tatum made it clear that his priority is that young people go out and vote, no matter who they choose. He noted that he doesn’t identify as a member of either party.

But he said that his choice would be to vote for Jones, because Republican candidate Roy Moore “has done things, in my opinion, that go beyond the line of trust.” Moore has been accused of having inappropriate relationships with teenage girls when he was in his 30s.

Read his full statement below:

“What’s good, Alabama? Roll Tide, what up Auburn, Troy University, Calhoun, Jacksonville State, any student inside of Alabama. I’m Channing Tatum, and I’m proud to be from Alabama.

Look, Tuesday, December 12 is a special election for senator of Alabama. And look, usually I’m not a political person. For the record, I’m not a liberal, Democrat, or Republican. I am my own mind and my own heart and that is more complex than red and blue. But all that being said, my choices are between Roy Moore, which is a man that’s been accused of assaulting girls. And barring that, Roy Moore has done things, in my opinion, that go beyond the line of trust. So I’m supporting Doug Jones. Doug Jones, again, from my perspective, has been an advocate on behalf of helping people his whole life.

So that’s who I’m supporting, and that’s my opinion. But I want you to have your own opinion. It’s important. No one thinks students are going to go out and vote, so prove them wrong. Go out, vote. It’s important for Alabama, it’s important for America. It’s important for you to have your own opinion. Please, go out and vote.”

Megan Friedman

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