Christmas Tree Brows Are Here to Haunt Your Holidays

The hashtag (and lewk) is officially trending on Instagram.

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You better watch out / you better not cry / you better not pout / I’m telling you why / CHRISTMAS TREE BROWS ARE COMING TO RUIN YOUR LIFE. Or, at least make your life a lot more interesting. Because just in time for the holidays comes a new brow trend that’s equal parts glorious and awful, and yet completely awesome all at the same time (we subscribe to the religion of You Do You, so please, rock these eyebrows with abandonment).


The brows were created by Instagram user taytay_xx (AKA YouTube vlogger Taylor R.), who managed to combine all of this year’s most terrifying brow trends (feather browsbarbed wire brows, and bauble brows) into one festive little look that’s quickly blowing up on Instagram. “Christmas Tree Eyebrows are here,” Taylor caption her post. “Why stop at your sweater? Spread Christmas joy via your face. 🎄✨😏 #ChristmasTreeEyebrows.”

Two days ago, the hashtag #christmastreeeyebrows didn’t exist. But now, less than 48 hours later, there are 65 photos of copycat recreations, with extra glitter, stick-on stars, green paint, rhinestones, and everything else you could possibly imagine putting on your face and/or a kindergarten craft project.


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“Had to join on this trend. @taytay_xx is such a fashion icon,” reads one user’s caption, while another writes, “Had to do it, couldn’t resist!!!” The trick to these holly jolly brows is…literally anything. Though Taylor used some brow wax to hold her splayed brow hairs in place before applying crystals and a gold sticky star, one user just improvised with some wig glue, nail gems, and a gum wrapper, so really, there are no rules.

Honestly, our new and only hope this year is that this brow trend becomes so big and popular, people actually wear Christmas tree brows outside, to work, in the streets, etc. We’ll add that to our wish list. But until then, please find inspiration in these brow photos, below, plus a rousing video tutorial by Taylor herself, which deserves to not only be watched, but be watched with the sound ON. Just trust us.

(Volume up...)

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