When it comes to nixing facial hair, I've tried it all: tweezing, waxing, and several etc. I leave my eyebrows to a professional (the Benefit Brow Bar is genius!) but I'm solely responsible for my upper lip area. I used to get it waxed, but I've come to realize that this area is too sensitive for that. There's added pressure to solve this dilemma with the weather warming up — summer means less makeup, and I want my face to look flawless when I go makeup-less.

I used to just shave (gasp!) the hair on my upper lip, but — no surprise here — that caused razor bumps. Looking for a new solution, I stumbled upon Olay's Facial Hair Remover Duo, but I was skeptical. The last time I used a cream like this, I burned my skin. The brand responsible for that shall remain nameless, but let's just say the experience scarred me for life — literally. Anyway, the Olay product promised a swift and soft removal, and when I tried it, I was impressed, so much so that I'm thinking about trying it on my eyebrows. The best part is, it keeps you hairless for a blissful four weeks. To use Olay's Facial Hair Remover Duo:

1. Apply the Skin Guarding Balm stick.
2. Massage the balm into skin.
3. Use your finger to spread on a thick layer of the Hair Removal Cream.
4. In six to eight minutes, you'll see hair rise to the surface of the cream. At that point, use a tissue to wipe it off, and rinse the area clean.

How do you remove your facial hair?

Dara Adeeyo is a nail polish junkie who blogs her beauty diary on Dark Berry Beauty.

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