Plus Size Fall Fashion Trends

Our Big Girl in a Skinny World superstar, Nicolette Mason, is at it again as she guides us how to best amp up your wardrobe for fall. Think which colors work best for our body, which decade to throw back to, and much, much more!


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    Floral motifs are usually a given for spring — but fall flora is somewhat unexpected. The darker interpretations of floral for the fall and winter, alongside bright neon versions, are equal parts feminine and edgy — with a drool-worthy color palette, to boot. Rather than wearing an all-over pattern, pops of florals (like a great floral top or full skirt) add an element of surprise — and the bright colors on offer are a great complement to autumnal neutrals. Just try to be mindful of the size of the pattern — the print should not be so large that it swallows you!

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