The Best Workout Music On The Charts Right Now

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While club music generally dominates the workout scene, the bands have come out swinging this month. And if you can't decide between rock and pop, the cast of /Glee/ is straddling the line with their show choir version of a Journey classic.

1. Ashley Tisdale - It's Alright, It's Okay - 130 BPM

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2. Green Day - Know Your Enemy - 130 BPM

3. 3OH3! - I'm Not Your Boyfriend Baby - 140 BPM

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4. Keri Hilson, Kanye West & Ne-Yo - Knock You Down- 155 BPM

5. U2 - Magnificent - 116 BPM

6. The Veronicas - Take Me On The Floor - 140 BPM

7. Hey Monday - Homecoming - 150 BPM

8. Esmee Denters - Outta Here - 126 BPM

9. Kristinia DeBarge - Goodbye - 120 BPM

10. Glee Cast – Don't Stop Believin' - 124 BPM

mc-dj-2009-sm.jpgMC's resident DJ Chris Lawhorn weeds through the Top 40 charts to find the best new workout music. The songs are organized, by beats per minute, into playlists designed to match the speed of your routine, while maximizing its results.

Chris Lawhorn spent his teens playing in punk and folk bands in Fort Wayne, IN. Apart from the occasional solo album, the rocking has taken a backseat to deejaying and production for his Case/Martingale label. Thankfully, this means that time once spent sleeping in the back of a van has since been freed up to scour places like Buenos Aires and Osaka for new music.

Chris has a bachelor's degree in English and Telecommunications from Ball State University. It finally went to use in creating - a Web site that helps people find music that fits the pace of their workouts.

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