20 Tiny Ankle Tattoos You’ll Want to Copy Immediately

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There's a reason you've probably seen ankle tattoos everywhere recently. Not only are they in a easy-to-hide spot (if, you know, your parents aren't exactly on board), but they're also really, really pretty. And, they've been spotted on a lot of your celeb faves—from Hailey Bieber to Rihanna—making ankle tats the thing you're about to see all over your Insta feeds this summer.

So if you want to join the ankle-tattoo club, but need some more inspo before you take the leap, I've got you. Check out these 20 minimalist ankle tattoos, below, that you're going to want to screenshot.

1. Rolling Stone Ankle Tattoo

Show some love for your favorite band by getting an ankle tattoo (or, okay, an Achilles' tattoo) that perfectly represents them.

2. Sea-Inspired Wave Ankle Tattoo

Not into super intricate details? Opt for this wave tattoo on your ankle. It's also a good option for your first tattoo.

3. Mini Wing Ankle Tattoo

You might want a tattoo that you can keep secret—this one is so tiny, only you will even know it's there.

4. Romantic Rose Ankle Tattoo

Okay, so maybe everyone and their mom has a rose tattoo...but the detail and shading on this one make it a unique (and cute) choice for an ankle tattoo.

5. Lightning Bolt Ankle Tattoo

Feeling inspired by The Boy Who Lived? Get this small, fine-lined tattoo on your ankle—it's simple and discreet.

6. Star Ankle Tattoo

For a tattoo that reminds you of the solar system, get a non-basic constellation of stars on your ankle.

7. Bass Clef Ankle Tattoo

If you're into music, but don't want to get a design everyone else has (*ahem* a music note), try out this bass clef ankle tattoo instead.

8. Fingers Crossed Ankle Tattoo

Everyone can always use a little extra luck, and this delicate ankle tattoo is the perfect way to get it. Fingers crossed it doesn't hurt when you get it done, though.

9. Tiny City Ankle Tattoo

Try repping your city with an understated, minimalist tattoo. If you prefer delicate ink, make sure to book your appointment with an artist who specializes in fine-line tattoos.

10. Cute Butterfly Ankle Tattoo

You no longer need to go to a conservatory to spot a butterfly—just get one tattooed on your ankle.

11. Inspiring Message Ankle Tattoo

This tattoo is small, but the message behind it to keep moving forward is powerful.

12. Colorful Flower Ankle Tattoo

If you’re not a fan of the traditional black outlines of a tattoo, you might be into the look of these colorful flowers without any harsh lines.

13. Postage Stamp Ankle Tattoo

Love science? Get an element from the periodic table tattooed on you to show you're really about that life.

14. Bee Ankle Tattoo

Not only is this bee tattoo a cute option for your ankle, but it won't actually sting you IRL.

15. Stick-and-Poke Ankle Tattoo

Reminder—tattoos don't always have to be super serious. Get something fun or silly, like this smiley face, tattooed on your ankle.

16. Detailed Tree Ankle Tattoo

If you want your ankle tattoo to look soft and delicate, go for a watercolor tattoo, like this tree pictured.

17. Simple Moon Ankle Tattoo

This ankle tattoo is so cute it hurts—but not as much as getting it done probably was.

18. Cat Ankle Tattoo

Want the world to know that you're a cat person? Make your furry best friend a permanent part of your body with this ankle tattoo.

19. Little Mermaid Ankle Tattoo

This ankle tattoo is a must for any "The Little Mermaid" fans—it's the perfect mix of quirky and pretty.

20. Moon Anklet Tattoo

This tiny moon anklet is so pretty, and the minimalist vibes make it look more like a piece of jewelry than a tattoo.

Ama Kwarteng

Ama Kwarteng was previously the associate beauty editor at Cosmopolitan.