Sarah Wexler

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Will Bangs Change Your Life?
We've all wondered: Will bangs change my life? Sarah Z. Wexler chops in search of hair Nirvana.
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catfish sarah wexler
Q&A with Nev Schulman of MTV's Catfish
MC sits down with Nev Schulman, creator of MTV's Catfish, now in its second season, to talk about the dangers of online relationships.
Vintage Modern
Retro looks are back again, but can classic beauty tricks also stand up to the test of time? Sarah Z. Wexler takes them for a spin.
Sick Is the New Black
You race to the doctor with sniffles; store Z-packs in your desk drawer; and you know a specialist for every bump, bruise, and body par…
female face
Is Your Skin Stressing You Out?
The bad news: Your anxiety over aging could be causing wrinkles, zits, and blotchy spots. The good news: You can - and must - relax.
It's Quitting Time—So Why Can't You Relax?
It's been a long day, and you're itching to slide into sweats and kick back with a glass of vino. If only it were that simple. Why it's…
Great Lengths
In search of perfect hair days, one woman road tests Hollywood's latest craze: unbelievably natural-looking extensions.
woman in office
The New-Boss Survival Guide
You loved your old manager, but now there's a new person in charge and how you handle that transition could make or break your career.
Is Your Career Ruining Your Credibility?
You make good money, have your own assistant, even snagged the office with the best view. So why are you so embarrassed to tell people …
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The Best Summer Caribbean Destinations
Price-conscious travelers should consider the Caribbean during early summer months.
Tweeting the Night Away
Is your date checking his e-mail or posting a play-by-play?
wedding bands
For Better, For Worse
"We laugh when people say marriage is hard work. Cancer is hard work; our marriage is easy."
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friends in the kitchen at a party
Quiz: What Kind of Hostess Are You?
Take our personality test to discover your true entertaining style.
"Hey, Can You Help Me Log On?"
My boss can't boot up without me. But for some reason, I'm still the assistant.
Sued for Downloading Music
How a Midwestern mom wound up with the world's priciest playlist.
Stranger Danger: How to Protect Yourself
The recent car abduction and murder of a young woman left L.A. in shock. How can you protect yourself? Listen and learn.
The New Hot Wheels Run on Diesel
Why companies like Volkswagen, Mercedes, Audi, and BMW are placing their bets on diesel.
woman looking at a clock
Moonlighting Makes a Comeback
Nearly 2 million American women hold down two jobs, a figure experts say will rise if the economy doesn't rebound soon.
2-Minute Date with True Blood's Stephen Moyer
Chivalry is (Un)dead
josh duhamel
Josh Duhamel's Glam Life
You're hot." That was the genius pickup line uttered by Josh Duhamel when he first met his mega-celeb crush, Fergie, in 2004.
money stacks
Find Cash You Didn't Know You Had
New ways to save some extra money.
man and woman making out between shelves of files
Office Hookups Are on the Rise
One unintended consequence of the recession: Your harmless flirtation with that hipster from payroll may soon heat up to a full boil.
Zzz-Mail: Coming to a Computer Near You
Zzz-mailing, the act of e-mailing while asleep, is the latest trend in sleepwalking.
Hair Is Back, But Is It Still Relevant?
The recession of 2009 may not be the Age of Aquarius, all leather vests and pot and be-ins, but 41 years after it originally opened, Ha…
new uses for botox
The New Uses for Botox
A sculpted nose, wider eyes, smoother skin, perkier breasts, even a perfect smile . . . America's favorite wrinkle-zapper now claims to…
model carrying a dollar bill purse walking dog wearing a dollar sign cape
Buy, But Beware
Although shopping is now considered a patriotic act, don't get suckered.
gender pregnancy test pink or blue
Gender Selection Comes Stateside
Freaky Trend
Find Your Signature Style
Nab these secrets and create a look that's totally you.
What Are Your Body Parts Worth?
What are you willing to sell?
lost or stolen passport
5 Worst Case Vacation Scenarios
Check out these must-know survival tips for overcoming your worst-case vacation pitfall.