Scarlet Neath

Scarlet Neath

Politics Writer

Scarlet Neath is a freelance writer covering politics. Like Beyoncé, she is originally from Houston and now lives in New York.

5 Suggestions for What Michelle Should Do Next

#1: Give us your thoughts on 'Lemonade'.

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Hillary Clinton, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Bernie Sanders, Michael Bloomberg
Meet Your First ________ President

The crystal ball says: not a male WASP politician.

How Democrats Have Totally Changed Their Tune on Women's Issues in the Last Few Years

The war on women has created a party that's more feminist than ever.

There's a Long History of Republicans Supporting Planned Parenthood—Why Is No One Talking About It?

Once upon a time, the GOP wanted women to have access to birth control, family planning, and yes, even abortions.

The New Hillary Clinton Emails Reveal a Woman with Work/Life Balance on the Brain

In intimate exchanges with former staffer Anne-Marie Slaughter, we see a new side of the presidential candidate.