Colorful Eyeshadow, Bold Blush, and Bright Mascara Are Taking Over in 2024

Consider this your official "in and out" list.

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For years now, we’ve been seeing the same makeup trend on repeat. It’s been all ‘90s resurgences, Old Hollywood glamour, and your-skin-but-better complexions. Don’t get me wrong, these trends are worthy of their moment in the spotlight. But, I for one, am very grateful-excited-happy that new beauty looks are making their way into the 2024 fold. “I think people will have more fun adding pops of color,” celebrity makeup artist Jamie Greenberg predicts. “A bold lip, a bright colored eyeliner, and even colored mascara are making their way in.” 

We’re anticipating an onslaught of monochromatic face beats and Parisian-inspired red-lip-no-complexion aesthetics to take hold. But perhaps the biggest industry trends are leading with blush. There's an undeniable boom in the product category, so it's only natural that we get creative with how we use our go-to products. You'll see cocoa-colored blushes across skin tones, blushes as contour, and multi-purpose products that allow for blush to be used on the lips and eyes to boot.

To get a glimpse at what to expect from the red carpets, runways, and street style for the year ahead, keep reading. Top makeup artists are breaking down the biggest, boldest, and brightest makeup trends set to come out on top in 2024. 

Vivid Eyes

Last year, a soft, glossy wash of color was the peak eye makeup trend. This year? Expect to see bright and bold washes of color across the lid. “I think we’re going to see vivid color on the eyes that may seem daring, but remember to prioritize self expression,” notes Bobbi Brown makeup artist c If you’re not feeling a fully committed color scheme a la Rihanna’s lilac lids, try incorporating a pop of color via a graphic liner design in the corners of your eyes.Thomas recommends Violette FR Yeux Paint for any and all “hypnotic” shadow designs. 

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Monochromatic Makeup

Pick a color—and run with it. In 2023, we saw everything from Strawberry Girl makeup (all pink) to Pumpkin Spice makeup (all orange) and Latte Makeup (all brown) grace our TikTok’s “For You” page. At the end of the day though, those aforementioned viral trends are really just new names for classic monochromatic makeup. “These are so in vogue and they’re not going anywhere,” says celebrity makeup artist Jamie Greenberg. “They’re simple, achievable, and flatter everybody.” You don’t have to use one product across your eyes, lips, and face, just ensure everything plays in the same color family. 


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Cocoa Blush

When you see a bronze-y shade, your first instinct is likely to apply it to the hollows of your cheeks. But this year? Expect the richest brown tones to move up their placement, finding themselves on the apples of your cheeks. “Expect cocoa chocolate blush to grace all skin tones,” notes Thomas. “Its versatility allows for stunning applications on the eyes, lips, and cheeks.” You can play with finishes, opting for either dewier, glassier finishes with cream-based products such as Bobbi Brown’s Pot Rouge in Chocolate Cherry, or contrastingly a matte beat courtesy of powders like Dior’s Rosy Glow Blush in Mahogany.

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Anything-But-Black Mascara

I know, you probably have dozens of regular black mascaras pooled at the bottom of your makeup bag. But this year, consider swapping it out for a colored formula. “Anyone who wants a bold, fun makeup look should try this,” says Greenberg. “It makes total sense that this splash of color on the lashes is making waves. So much of makeup has moved toward clean, glowy and natural. This trend allows your face to stay fresh and natural, drawing all attention to an eye look that, quite frankly, anyone can do.” 

The good news: Brands including Half Magic, YSL, and Too Faced have release colored mascaras, ranging from cobalt blue to brown, this year, while Pat McGrath Labs, NudeStix, and L’Oréal have long had tinted formulas that can help you execute this look. 

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Radiant Complexions

Call it what you will, but deeply hydrated skin is always going to be popular. We’ve seen a surplus in hydrating primers hitting shelves toward the end of the year, from Bobbi Brown’s newly reformulated Vitamin Enriched Face Base to Dior’s Forever Glow Veil. “In 2024, we’re sticking to what works,” says Thomas. “Locking in that flawless finish is a must. That’s why we’re opting for top notch moisturizing primer. They hold everything in place while giving the skin a radiant glow.” Place a soft-finish tinted moisturizer or lightweight foundation (think: MAC’s new Studio Radiance or Makeup by Mario’s SurrealSkin Foundation) on top, and you’ll be good to go. 

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A New Lip-to-Skin Ratio

Glossy lips and heavy lip liner were big this past year, but as we inch into 2024, bold lipsticks are going to be everywhere. The catch: Bold lips are accompanying very minimal makeup. “Keeping the eyes and face super natural and bringing all the attention to a bold lip is totally big,” says Greenberg. “Especially through this winter, we’ll see vampy lips, bright reds, and ombre vibes like we saw in the 90s.” In the past few weeks along, we’ve seen Taylor Swift, Sydney Sweeney, and Leighton Meester show up to big events rocking a bright, bold hue.

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Colored Contour

“As we simplify our makeup looks, we're using blush to contour more than actual contour,” explains Greenberg. That doesn’t mean that you’re placing fuchsia lines on the hollows of your cheeks. Everything is going to be lifted. “Contouring is just a technique to shade the face in a way that sculpts it however you want. You can make your cheekbones look more raised and snatched by applying glow blush on the outer part of them and up toward your temple," she says. "You can make your nose look smaller by applying rose blush across the top of it and on the inner parts of your cheeks.” This particular trend doesn't abide by any particular color construct, so execute with pinks, reds, oranges—whatever you see fit. 

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Peach Fuzz, Please

After Pantone declared Peach Fuzz the color of the year, it was very clear that the pale orange hue would reign supreme this year. “I find with natural glam being the biggest craze at the moment, the peach color is trending like crazy and it’s something a lot of clients ask for,” says celebrity makeup artist Dani Parkes. “Peach makeup is great when we want to create a natural, flushed everyday look.” You can incorporate this with the monochromatic trend and go all-in on peach, or simply use a peachy lip product or blush for a subtle pop of color. 

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Free-for-All Application

This year, plan on seeing a lot of products being used for just about anything but their intended use. Think: Lipstick as blush, blush as eyeshadow, eyeshadow as highlighter. It’s going to be a time to think out of the box while sitting at your vanity. “Look for products that work on your eyes, lips, and cheeks,” says Greenberg, who notes that her Jamie Makeup Blighlighter is a perfect three-in-one. “Brands have tons of incredible multitasking products, and you also don't have to be afraid to use your products for more than what they say they're for.”

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Meet the Experts

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Mali Thomas

Leading the #DewyBrownGirls makeup movement, Mali Thomas, A.K.A. King Mali Magic, is known for her ability to create a luminous glow on any skin type. With over 10 years of artistry experience, Mali has worked with some of the most notable names in the industry.

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Jamie Greenberg

Jamie Greenberg has made herself an indispensable celebrity makeup artist and sought-after beauty personality. She is the founder and CEO of JamieMakeup, her namesake beauty brand, which is one of the fastest growing and most talked about independent brands in the category.Her clientele ranges from actresses Kaley Cuoco, Rashida Jones, Kristen Stewart, Lizzy Caplan, Chelsea Handler, Tracee Ellis Ross and Judith Light, to musicians like Sara Bareilles and Alanis Morissette. She also boosts a rapidly growing social audience via TikTok and Instagram, where Jamie is known for building genuine connections and demonstrating a relatability that is highly uncommon within the industry.Her work is seen on red carpets, advertisements and entertainment throughout the year, and is often featured in magazines and digital editorials for Allure, Esquire, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Harper's Bazaar, People, US Weekly and Vogue. She has been a frequent guest on E! Television, Access Hollywood, Good Day LA (FOX), KTLA Morning News (FOX), Good Morning America (ABC), The Today Show, OWN Show, PopSugar and StyleCode on

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Dani Parkes

Self-taught makeup artist Dani Parkes, also known as Faces by Danii, started doing makeup at the age of 8. At 18 years old she moved to New York knowing no one and started to build her network. Dani is passionate about all things makeup. Her goal is to highlight and extenuate the natural features on one's face, rather than completely changing the way they look. She creates new ideas and draws inspiration from a lot of artists based in the UK and Europe. Their effortless glam and technique is what has shaped Dani’s makeup style. She continues to grow as an artist and hopes to continue to build her network of clients. Dani has glammed up some of your favorite influencers and celebrities including Natalie Noel, Lea Michelle, Emily Lind, and Lauren Wolfe. 

Beauty Editor

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