Spiced Cider Hair Is the Latest Winter Hair Trend We're Freaking Obsessed With

It's about to get real yummy up in your Instagram.

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(Image credit: instagram)

Just when you thought there couldn’t possibly be one more hair new hair trend, because the world has already uncovered every possible color, cut, and braid to ever grace social media, the universe slides into your DMs with just one more: cider and spice hair, a warm, cozy, made-for-Instagram hair look that, sigh, we actually really freaking love.

The hair color, which is a silky mix of cinnamon, copper, and blonde highlights—so, you know, basically snickerdoodles in hair form—is the creation of California hairstylist Ryan Weeden, who, according to Allure, painted large sections of hair with warmer tones, before adding in ashy blonde accents.

The result: A ridiculously smooth, apple cider-esque dye job that pretty much requires you to exist in a flannel onesie for the rest of the year. Which we could actually really get behind that.

So please, make your way down to your hairstylist ASAP, make them memorize this photo, and then get your winter on. Because we can almost guarantee that by the time January hits, there will be at least 200 new hair trends you'll be in love with.

Chloe Metzger
Beauty Editor

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