Um, Kylie Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian Might Be Releasing a Makeup Collab


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Here are some simple facts of life: Grass is green, the sun is yellow, and Kylie Jenner is the kween of makeup. Seriously—who else has managed to garner insanity-level excitement for every single lip kit launches, holiday gift sets, and secret, sneaky collaborations? Nobody. Literally nobody. And now, Jenner is about the destroy the internet again with a possible collaboration with Kourtney Kardashian. At least, we’re hoping.


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As one incredibly observant viewer noticed on Sunday’s episode of Keeping Up the Kardashians, sneakily hanging out next to a bunch of Kylie Cosmetics lipsticks was a little tube of clear lip gloss with “Kourtney” printed across the bottle. “What is this future blessing that I see in the background?! Another collab featuring @kourtneykardash in @kyliecosmetics by @KylieJenner perhaps?!” tweeted user LaRonda Mangum, which was first reported by Stylecaster.

So far, Kylie has already collaborated with three of her four sisters, in both beauty and fashion, so we wouldn’t be surprised if the clear tube signifies the start of a new, super-secret collab with Kourtney. But, if the Kardashian clan has recently taught us anything, it’s that all rumors will take forever to be addressed, and that everyone in the family is really fertile. More or less.


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