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Coffee with Cool Girls: Inside the Life of SokoGlam's Charlotte Cho

What's it like to be a K-beauty phenom? You're about to find out.

Alex Finch

Who She Is: Charlotte Cho

What She Does: Co-founder of SokoGlam.com

Where She Lives: Seoul + New York City

Where You Can Find Her: @SokoGlam + @CharlotteJCho

What's so cool about your job?

Soko Glam is a Korean beauty and lifestyle site that sells the best selection of Korean beauty products. As the co-founder, I have the absolute best job for two reasons. First, the travel—I'm constantly back and forth between NYC and Korea. (I love my country and adore the culture!) Second, I'm obsessed with skincare, and I get to test tons of products to curate and sell on the site (as well as share my favorite Korean beauty secrets through The KLOG, our official Korean beauty blog.)

Alex Finch

How'd you get started in your career?

In 2008 I was recruited to head Samsung's international public relations team in Seoul, so I moved over from Los Angeles. Five years later, I created Soko Glam with my husband Dave in order to help Western customers discover Korean cosmetics, beauty trends and skincare regimens and techniques.

What's your social media strategy?

Being genuine and having our own voice throughout has helped us gain traction and highly engaged followers. We have a unique story and perspective about one of the fastest growing segments in beauty, and we're more than happy to help people learn more and be a part of it!

What's your style M.O.?

I'm a bit reserved when it comes to fashion, so I love wearing casual, simple styles. But occasionally I will step out of my comfort zone and go for the loud floral patterns, a crop top paired or a pair of very distressed jeans just to mix it up.

Alex Finch

What types of things do you like to do offline?

I'm big on food—I love exploring new restaurants. If I had more off time, I would love to devote more time to cooking. (Well that, and crushing on Obama!)

What's your hidden talent?

I'm crazy resourceful. I will do whatever it takes until the job is done!

What makes you unique?

I had the opportunity to start my own company and I seized it, and in that sense, I'm very lucky (and the timing was right). I also am a new author—look out for The Little Book of Skincare: Korean Beauty Secrets for Healthy Glowing Skin on shelves this November!

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