This Buzzcut Video Is Going Viral Because It Literally Looks Like Murder Waiting to Happen

Oh no.

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Things I expect to happen when I get a haircut: a nice little head massage, some “real talk” about the state of my dry ends, and multiple offers for anything to drink. Things I don’t expect: a sharp electric razor swinging around my head like a cleaver waiting to skin me alive.

And yet, one Turkish barber by the name of Erkek Saç is apparently trying to make hair swinging a thing, as reported by Allure, which, according to the Instagram clip, entails literally swinging clippers back and forth over a client’s head, buzzing off random chunks of hair in the process. And if that sounds hella dangerous, then you’re absolutely correct.

Thankfully, the swing cut only lasts for a few seconds, before Saç just shaves the man’s whole head and entire beard off, before squeezing a ridiculous amount of oil over his bald head and slappin’ it around for a few seconds. Yes, this video is as confusing and weird as it sounds, but hey—it has 1.2 million views, so clearly something Saç is doing something right. Check out the insane video, below, and please; don’t try this at home.

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