Diamond Piercing Is a New Engagement Ring Trend That'll Make You Say "God, NO," Like I Just Did

Nothing says everlasting love like burrowing a gemstone in your skin.

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You know the classic proposal scene—your partner gets down on one knee, asks you to marry him/her/them, slides a diamond onto your ring finger, and then pierces it through your goddamn skin.

Wait, does that sound horrifying and completely wrong? Yeah, well, that’s the sequence of events that occur with this season’s newest bridal trend, diamond piercing, which is here to haunt your pretty little dreams.


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(Image credit: Marie Claire)

The trend, first spotted The Sun, involves piercing your finger with a dermal diamond stud that attaches to an anchor placed beneath your skin, then stitching up the surrounding area. So, you know, a tad bit more painful than your average proposal moment, but also much more unique? Maybe?

Sure, the photos made the entire MarieClaire.com staff gasp and mutter “STOP, NO, PLEASE,” for a full five minutes, and sure the idea of accidentally getting the diamond caught on your sweater and ripped out of your skin makes me want to crawl into a hole and die, and sure, getting divorced means you’ll be left with not only an emotional scar, but a physical scar too, but who are we to judge?

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