Kim Kardashian Just Dyed Her Hair Blonde to Make Kanye Happy

And also because she's an independent woman who can do whatever she wants.

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Kim Kardashian, the resident hair chameleon, has once again dyed her hair—but this time, she did it as a surprise for Kanye. Yesterday, Kimye celebrated their fourth anniversary, and as a "gift" to him, she dyed her hair the way he likes it: blonde.

Yesterday, Kim posted several videos on her Instagram story with her freshly dyed, insanely long and shiny, platinum-blonde hair. "I'm back blonde," she said in one of the videos. "Kanye's favorite is blonde, so I did it for our anniversary."

Sure, we've all seen Kim's hair blonde before—it's not exactly the world's biggest breaking news (like say, Harvey Weinstein turning himself in, today). But in the world of Kardashians, and the fact that she did it just for Kanye (and, I'm sure, for herself, too), I just can't get over it. Plus, a hair-destroying bleach job seems like a pretty big deal for someone who left special instructions in her will for how to do her hair after she dies.

I mean, that last gift I bought my soon-t0-be-husband was an ice cream cake, but, hey, you do you, Kim! Your gorgeous hair, your adorable family, your Kimye relationship (don't @ me). See her new look from all angles, below.

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