The Best Halloween Nail Art That's Anything But Cheesy

The only thing spooky about these nails is how gorgeous they are.

Instagram/Design by Bridget Burns

The limits don't exist when it comes to nail art, but have you ever seen a Halloween-themed manicure that isn't lowkey gaudy or look-at-me loud? Well, as of today you can say that you have, because it's officially time to give Halloween nails the respect they deserve, by elevating them to adult status. How, you may ask? Through unique, creative, and definitively minimalist designs that only hint at their Halloween costume counterparts, like subtle leopard outlines for Josie and the Pussycats, or graphic stars and lines for Wonder Woman.

Check out all 47 designs, below, and get inspired to wear Halloween nails all month long.

1. Black Panther's Nakia Nails

2. Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century Mani

3. Candy Striper Nails

4. Wicca Nails

5. Clueless Nails

6. Child of the '70s Mani

7. Wakanda Forever Nails

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✨#WakandaForever ✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿✨

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8. Zebra Mani

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Zebraaaaaa 🐾🖤 #gelnailart 💅🏽

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9. G.I. Jane Nails

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matchy matchy

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10. Actual Claw Nails

11. "Bloody" Zombie Nails

12. Josie and the Pussycats Nails

13. Modern Goth Mani

14. Obligatory Ghost Mani

15. Boogieman Nails

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👻boo bit 🕸 #nails #nailart #scribble #doodle

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16. Fairy Mani

17. Wonder Woman Nails

18. Sonic the Hedgehog Nails

19. Mod Mani

20. Astrologer Nails

21. Clown Nails

22. Monster Mani

23. Unicorn Nails

24. Marie Antoinette Mani

25. Sailor Moon Nails

26. Disco Queen Nails

27. Cyborg Mani

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28. Glam Rocker Nails

29. Mermaid Mani

30. Black Cat Nails

31. Frankenstein's Monster Mani

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Stitches for @yassstina

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32. Fortune Teller Nails

33. Devil Nails

34. Mummy Mani

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@handhnails 👍🏻 #uni_nailselfie

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35. Pumpkin Nails

36. Crayola Nails

37. Fire Mani

38. Alien Nails

39. Cow Nails

40. Girl With a Pearl Earring Nails

41. Elf Nails

42. Jungle Nails

43. Under the Sea Nails

44. Rocky Horror Show Nails

45. Race Car Driver Nails

46. 👀👀👀 Nails

47. Flower Power Nails

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