The Ultimate Halloween Nail Art Inspiration Guide

Halloween looks different this year. Your nails didn't get the memo.

Instagram/Design by Bridget Burns

Resist themed nail art in favor of low-key manicure colors as long as you want. But here's a little crystal ball prediction—I'm being a fortune teller this year, nbd—there will come a time when you will find yourself Halloween nail-art curious. There is no shame in this exploration. The rest of us having been waiting, and we're here to tell you that themed Halloween nails are creepy, kooky, and honestly way more fun.

Muted amber is cute, but aren't tiny little mummy stitches even better? Matte black is simple and sophisticated, no doubt. But have you ever bedecked your nails in confetti? Thanks to Instagram, the options of inspiration are practically endless. Take a scroll, and pick your tips based on your skill level, your free time, or the talent of your favorite local nail professional. And if you're sitting trick or treating out this year, you don't need us to remind you that Halloween nails are très 'grammable. Check out all 58 designs Team MC loves, below, and get inspired to wear Halloween nails all month long.

1. Jungle Nails

2. Spiderweb Nails

3. Pop Art Nails

4. Bat Nails

5. Gothic Butterfly Nails

6. Melted Smiley Face Nails

7. Starry Night Nails

8. Smoking Hot Nails

9. Neon Eyeball Nails

10. Tortoise Shell Nails

11. Pumpkin Patch Nails

12. Cheetah Girl Nails

13. Deck of Cards Mani

14. Tie Dye Nails

15. Candy Corn Mani

16. Galaxy Nails

17. Frankenstein Mani

18. Dalmatian Mani

19.Confetti Nails

11. Ice Cream & Sprinkles Mani

12. Zombie Nails

13. Monarch Mani

14. Wicked Witch Mani

15. Snakeskin Nails

16. Fall Foliage Mani

17. Black Widow Mani

17. Match Your Cat Ears Mani

18. Vampire Nails

19. Space Cowboy Nails

20. Flower Power Mani

21. Black Panther's Nakia Nails

22. Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century Mani

23. Candy Striper Nails

24. Wicca Nails

25. Clueless Nails

26. Child of the '70s Mani

27. Wakanda Forever Nails

28. Zebra Mani

29. G.I. Jane Nails

30. "Bloody" Zombie Nails

31. Josie and the Pussycats Nails

32. Modern Goth Mani

33. Obligatory Ghost Mani

34. Boogieman Nails

35. Fairy Mani

36. Wonder Woman Nails

37. Sonic the Hedgehog Nails

38. Mod Mani

39. Astrologer Nails

40. Clown Nails

41. Monster Mani

42. Unicorn Nails

43. Sailor Moon Nails

44. Disco Queen Nails

45. Cyborg Mani

46. Glam Rocker Nails

47. Mermaid Mani

48. Grim Reaper Nails

49. Frankenstein's Monster Mani

50. Devil Nails

51. Pumpkin Nails

52. Crayola Nails

53. Fire Mani

54. Alien Nails

55. Cow Nails

56. Under the Sea Nails

57. Rocky Horror Show Nails

58. Race Car Driver Nails

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