12 Non-Cheesy Nail Designs to Wear on Thanksgiving Day

Apple pie stripes and butternut squash hues.

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While Thanksgiving isn't exactly the pinnacle of style and beauty—unless you consider sweats and a food baby a "lewk"—there's nothing that reads "put together" to inquiring relatives like a chic, chip-free manicure, amirite? Here, 12 subtle nail designs (AKA no visible turkeys) that evoke the best aspects of the food fest, from autumn leaves to the home-cooked food and desserts that make the trek home worth it.


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(Image credit: Design by Bridget Burns)

1. Autumnal Gradients

2. Toffee Nudes

3. Gold Leaf

4. Fall Stripes

5. Butternut Squash

6. Turkey with a Side of Gravy

7. Hot Cherry Pie

8. Pumpkin Pie

9. Flannel Stripes

10. Grey Goose

11. Autumn Leaves

12. Merlot Chrome

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