Why Meghan Markle Won't Wear a Bold Lip Anytime Soon

The Duchess of Sussex does her own makeup now.

The Duke & Duchess of Sussex Visit The Nelson Mandela Centenary Exhibition
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Yet again, we've been reminded that despite being the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle still does things her own way.

Instead of relying on a glam squad to get her looking royal-ready, Markle feels more comfortable doing her own makeup, according to her wedding makeup artist, Daniel Martin. Talking to People, Martin shared that Markle has taken to applying her own makeup for a rather simple reason: She just wants to get it done and get on with her royal duties. I mean, same?

"She’s gotten more comfortable doing her own makeup. She loves makeup and she’s good at it!" Martin shared. "She’s been doing her makeup herself. She’s not fussy — she’s just trying to get it on and get out the door."

She's clearly got a routine that she sticks to: a softly defined brow, a matte eyeshadow look, blush, a soft lip. But that doesn't mean she's not open to variation: "She likes a stronger eye, her brow is a lot more defined now,” he says. “But it’s still her. If anything, she’s going to experiment with different tones, and now that she’s more tan she’ll use warmer colors. But she doesn’t stray too far from her technique, she’s very formulaic with her routine."

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Except for one thing. There's one look you'll never see on her: a bold lip. According to Martin, "The one time she did a red lip, she just didn’t feel comfortable in it. She likes to talk and she’s not a fussy person, so she doesn’t want to have to worry about anything." We love a fuss-free princess. What an effortless legend.

Martin also shared with People that despite becoming recent royalty, Meghan's still the same girl he always knew and loved. “There’s a small group of us that check in with her and see how she’s doing, but she’s still the same person,” He shared.

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