Guys, Meghan Markle Is Wearing Crazy-Chill Wedding Makeup

Behold: The most classic Meghan makeup ever.

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UPDATE 5/19/18: The royal wedding, the day we've all been waiting for, is officially here, and Meghan Markle has made her wedding-day debut wearing a sleek chignon with swooping, center-parted bangs, and, of course, a gorgeous face of subtle makeup.

Though there was quite the speculation as to whether or not Meghan would stick close to her usual makeup routine or try something bolder and darker, it looks like the royal-to-be has clung to familiarity. Her skin is dewy and luminescent—with, of course, her freckles showing—while her eye look is slightly smoky with bold brows. On her lips: a neutral, rose-pink lipstick.

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Though there's no official word as to who, exactly, did Meghan's makeup, sources say it was two of Meghan's closest American friends, one of which is a stylist. We'll keep updating this story as details come in.

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Brace yourself: The royal wedding is officially just a few weeks away (May 19, y’all), and the closer we get to the big day, the closer we get to finding out—rather than just speculating about—exactly what Meghan Markle will look like as she walks down the aisle.

So far, we already know that Meghan will be able to “do as she sees fit” with regards to how she’ll wear her hair. She’ll likely opt for a style that’s loose and wavy, yet partially up (like a half-up knot) to better showcase the tiara. As for her makeup, it seems as though she’ll also have total control over the final look.

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“Her day-to-day look is very beautiful and polished, and I'm sure that that's exactly what she'll extend to her wedding day, too,” says British bridal designer Caroline Castigliano,'s exclusive royal wedding expert. So, you know, maybe a few swipes of her favorite YSL Touche Éclat Radiant Touch concealer under her eyes, a hazy smudge of her go-to eyeliner MAC Eye Kohl Pencil in Teddy around her lash lines, and then a coat of Charlotte Tilbury’s Matte Revolution in Very Victoria, the rosy-brown lipstick Meghan’s rumored to love.

In any other celebrity-level wedding, it’s a given that the bride would have free reign over her bridal look, but in royal world, there are zillions of strict protocols that must be followed on a daily basis (like a royal can’t wear “casual” clothing; a royal can’t expose her cleavage; a royal can’t have her chin turned up from the ground—yes, you heard me) and a wedding is no exception.

But according to Castigliano, the rules may be a little more flexible for

Meghan's big day, because it is, you know, her freaking wedding. Still, it’s highly unlikely that she’ll suddenly opt for a vampy burgundy lipstick with a thick cat-eye (though, hey, I guess anything is possible). Instead, Castigliano thinks Meghan will stick with a style in the vein of her classic, no-makeup makeup. “I think she'll have a very natural look,” she says. “I love her ‘nude’ look myself, but I think that she'll go with something slightly softer and pinker—something that's slightly more classic for a bride.”

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Of course, the idea of a “classic” look varies from person to person—Kate Middleton, for example, chose thick brows, flushed cheeks, rose-pink lipstick, and dark, heavily lined eyes for her wedding in 2011. And, fun fact, she also did her own makeup, according to People. Can you imagine the pressure that is doing your own makeup for a freaking royal wedding televised around the world and living on the internet for decades to come? No, thank you.

But Castigliano doesn’t think Meghan will go the DIY route, especially since she’s spent the last decade of her life surrounded by a team of professional hairstylists and makeup artists on set. “I would think Meghan will probably get somebody to do her makeup, especially since she has so much experience with people coming in and doing it for her,” she says. “And she's obviously got a specific style on how she wants her makeup done so that she looks as if she wearing makeup, but it’s still quite natural.”

In other words, Meghan knows what she wants and likes, and she’ll probably have no problem communicating that look to whatever makeup artist she uses. Of course, this is all still speculation, since anything can—and probably will—happen before May 19. But until then, we’re happy to imagine the possibilities for funsies.

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