Julia Roberts Has Rose Pink Hair Now and Looks Completely Different

Also, completely gorgeous.

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With a career that spans thirty years, the iconic Julia Roberts has showcased pretty much every hair color out there—and made each one look perfect. She rocked the red in Pretty Woman, she was a rich shade of brunette for years, and these days she’s the perfect, beachy blonde, too. This week, the Hollywood star added another shade to her list of styles by debuting an unexpected, rose pink dye job.

Appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live earlier this week, Roberts arrived at the L.A. studios having undergone a mini, understated makeover. Grunging up her typical look, the 51-year-old actress looked incredible with a barely-there hint of washed out pink through her long, wavy tresses.

Of course, she made the whole thing effortlessly cool as always, by staying it into a messy fishtail braid, and matching it perfectly with a co-ordinated pink suit for the interview. Anyone else going to be recreating this whole thing, ASAP?

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But, while the transformation might seem like a flawless sartorial choice, the pink hair is actually the result of something way more down to earth. Explaining her new look to Kimmel, Roberts admitted it was in fact the delayed result of her Halloween costume. “I was a flamingo”, the star revealed. The star of new Amazon series Homecoming expected the dye to rinse out immediately, but soon found out otherwise.

Luckily, it totally looks like it’s supposed to be there and should absolutely be a longterm look for the actress. The all-powerful pink hair has thankfully stuck around for long enough to remind you to vote today, too.

I really wasn’t expecting my next big hair plans to be inspired by Julia Roberts’ Halloween flamingo mishaps, but life works in mysterious ways.


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