Emily Ratajkowksi Looks Totally Unrecognizable With Platinum Blonde Hair

She unveiled the surprising new look on Instagram.

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  • Model and actress Emily Ratajkowski took to Instagram over the weekend to reveal a new, dramatic makeover, showing off platinum blonde hair for her latest photoshoot.

  • The 27-year-old star was channelling Western style in a cowboy hat and an all-silver outfit, along with the new blonde look that she debuted during her trip to Texas.

  • Ratajkowski has tricked her Instagram followers before with a selection of wigs, so this is most likely just the latest in her collection.

    Model and actress Emily Ratajkowski has become known for her signature, dark brown long hair, having rocked it ever since she broke out into superstardom. But, this weekend she took to Instagram to reveal a dramatic and unexpected new look which left her almost unrecognizable to 22million followers.

    Ratajkowski spent her weekend over in Texas for mystery reasons, but definitely looked the part in a Western-inspired get-up. ‘Western-inspired’ is used loosely here, because she was actually wearing a metallic silver coat, worn over a sparkling bra and tasseled skirt. There was a cowboy hat and cowboy boots involved though, so it still kind of counts.


    But, most importantly, her usual brown hair was instead platinum blonde, and blown out into huge curls with side bangs to complete the look. Em, is that really you?

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    Of course, it’s almost guaranteed that this one is down to her extensive wig wardrobe, and this wouldn’t be the first time that Ratajkowski has left her followers second guessing a new hair reveal.

    In the past she’s shared some pretty convincing selfies, including one with a sharp, blunt ombre bob, another with a bright, vivid shade of purple complete with bangs, and even a Jessica Rabbit-esque redhead reveal.

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    Boo 👻

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    She looks gorgeous in every single one, too. Truly cannot relate, but I'm happy for her.

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