Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe Kardashian Talk Fragrance, Bad Haircuts, and More

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Kim, Kourtney, and Khloé Kardashian want you to smell good. Like them. The sisters know exactly what they like to smell like—and exactly what the others smell like—and they've teamed up for the first-ever trifecta KKW Fragrance Diamond Collection. Kim, Kourtney, and Khloé each hand-picked notes (think: tropical floral leaves, ylang ylang, jasmine, vanilla, tuberose, and lilac) to curate a perfume that matches her personality.

During a 15-minute Kardashian konference kall (sorry, had to) with Marie Claire, the sisters dished on the perfect scent for a date night, the weird smells they actually love, and their most sentimental scent memories.

Marie Claire: Let's start at the beginning. How did this sister fragrance collaboration start?

Kim Kardashian West: I’ve always been super nostalgic about wanting to work with my sisters again. The three of us haven’t worked on a project together in a long time. With fragrance, it takes me a longer time to launch because it comes from an extremely emotional place for me. So I thought there was nothing better than doing this with my sisters. I’ve always wanted to do this and am super excited to have their input and fully design their own custom fragrance that they feel really proud of. It’s a fun sister moment.

MC: How does the vibe of each scent differ?

Khloé Kardashian: Kim picked the diamond aesthetic of the bottles and we designated our own colors. Pink speaks more to me, yellow is very Kourtney, and Kim's vibe is more of a traditional diamond color. We each picked what we gravitated to the most. Jasmine, lilac, and tuberose are the main components of mine, which is very much what I’m drawn to. If you know us and smell the scents we usually wear—even if you did a blind smell test—you’d know which scent belongs to who because they’re very true to our personalities and what we like to smell like typically.

MC: Speaking of blind smell tests, let's play a sister-scent game. Can each of you tell me what the other sister smells like? Go!

Kim: When I think of Khloe, I think of a tropical white floral blend. Kourtney smells like Vanilla.

Khloé: Kourtney smells like a gluten-free gingerbread house. [Laughs.]

Kourtney Kardashian: Really? Oh my god. Khloe, you smell like a pink diamond. Kim smells like rich glamour and opulence.

Khloé: Yeah, Kim is definitely opulence.

MC: Are there any weird or unexpected smells you absolutely love?

Khloé: I love the smell of gasoline and acrylic nail polish powder. You either love it or hate it, I love it.

Kim: Ugh, I hate acrylic nail powder. I do love the smell of gasoline and always take an extra whiff at gas stations.

Kourtney: I love the smell of a fire. I know that’s not the strangest smell, but I don’t care, I like it. I also love the smell of wax from waxing your eyebrows.

MC: What are some of your earliest scent memories?

Kim: I remember my dad always buying me Thierry Mugler Angel ($120). When he would go on vacation, he would always bring each of us back home a fragrance. But then, he started to buy his girlfriends the same fragrance, and I hated them. So, I couldn’t wear Angel anymore because he ruined the scent for me.

Khloé: My first scent was also Angel. I started wearing it when I was 14. It was so strong but I never left home without wearing it because it made me feel older and sophisticated.

Kourtney: My earliest memories came from my grandmother. She always had Estée Lauder Youth-Dew perfume ($42)—it was her scent that she wore at all times. I have it in my bathroom. I kept hers when she passed away. It’s such a distinct smell and she wore the same fragrance my whole life.

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MC: Okay, so, I’ve been seeing this guy, and who doesn’t want to hear “you smell nice” on date night? Which scent should I wear?

Khloé: Goodness, that's hard because I think fragrance is so personal.

Kourtney: But I think the most important thing to do is be yourself and wear whichever fragrance you’re drawn to.

Kim: Yeah, don’t wear the fragrance for the guy wear it for yourself.

Khloé: It also depends on where you’re going, which is why it's good we have three scents, because there’s a different scent for different vibes.

MC: You're each successful businesswomen. Do you like wearing particular fragrances for big meetings?

Khloé: For a meeting or a job interview, you want people to notice your scent but you don’t want it to be overwhelming to the point where it’s distracting and people can’t pay attention to what you’re saying.

Kim: It’s important to wear something that really complements what you smell like. And since everyone's different, it’s really important to try fragrances and live with them for a while. I love going into a department store, like Ulta, which I went into yesterday, and smelling a ton of different fragrances. I also love seeing really unique bottles on countertops. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of what looks good on your shelf.

MC: Do any of you have beauty choices you look back on and wish you could re-do?

Khloé: Oh God, how much time do you have? I have really curly hair and my mom decided to cut my hair into a bowl cut with bangs when I was little. She would always make me wear bucket hats with the bowl cut and that was not very nice. And with makeup, my first eyeshadow was bright blue and I’d wear it all the way up to my eyebrows. But I was experimenting, ya know?

The KKW Fragrance Diamond Collection by Kourtney x Kim x Khloé is launching Friday November 8th at 12:00 p.m. PST on

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