Blake Lively's Nail Polish Design Is a Subtle Plug for Ryan Reynolds' Aviation Gin

Blake Lively showcased gorgeous nail designs on her nail stylist's birthday, and a couple of them are direct tributes to husband Ryan Reynolds.

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There's love, and then there's true love. I'm pretty sure Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are in the second category, based on Lively's Instagram Stories last night. Basically, she had a whole tribute to her nail stylist Elle (who's on Instagram at the very clever handle @enamelle), whose birthday was yesterday. Lively featured a whole number of Elle's designs, along with some very covetable jewelry—and lo and behold, a couple of them are direct tributes/plugs/shoutouts to her husband Ryan Reynolds and all his work. I much cuter can they get before I explode from the cuteness?

One of the looks is a gorgeous matte black with a touch of silver sparkle, and her ring finger (get it? because she's married?) has some press-on crystals in the shape of a martini glass—which she donned during the A Simple Favor premiere. Lively tagged Aviation Gin in there, just in case the reference wasn't clear enough (lol).

Oh and if you look closely, one of her other nails is a little, tiny Pikachu, which was in support of Reynolds' Detective Pikachu movie. Once fans noticed her nail art at the film premiere, they absolutely raved over it. Also, in some of the photos, she's wearing her gigantic, gorgeous engagement ring, so that's another little relationship Easter egg in there.

I'm putting a whole bunch of screenshots from her Stories here, because, who doesn't love pretty jewelry and a cute couple? No one, that's who:

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(Image credit: Blake Lively)

Scheduling a nail appointment and bringing these photos, STAT.

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Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds

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