Blake Lively's Nail Art at the 'A Simple Favor' Premiere Had a Secret Reference to the Film

And you'll never guess how much the polish costs.

Blake Lively
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At the premiere for her new movie A Simple Favor, Blake Lively's latest nail art (opens in new tab) look made clear that she has a keen eye for detail. While you're marveling at her outfit, you might have missed a thing or two–like a martini glass accent on her fingernail, which PopSugar (opens in new tab) caught.

Stepping out onto the red carpet alongside husband Ryan Reynolds and co-stars Anna Kendrick and Henry Golding for the film's premiere Monday night (September 10), Lively stunned in a sharply tailored black matte Givenchy suit with glitter coattails. But that's not all. Lively, who has a history of matching her nails to her outfit, added a Swarovski crystal martini glass to her left ring finger/accent nail—an homage to the film itself, where a martini glass is a recurring symbol.

The attention to detail is astounding, and Lively worked with celebrity nail artist Elle (opens in new tab) to achieve the dashing look. The surrounding nails–as in, the ones not martini-fied–were first painted in a layer of base coat (opens in new tab) from LeChat Nails, followed by Lively's pick, LeChat Nails' Dare to Wear Lacquers (opens in new tab) in Rock the Mic, a shimmering black to match with Blake's black blouse. The nails were then topped with LeChat Nails' top coat (opens in new tab).

For the accent nail, Elle used LeChat Nails' Dare to Wear in Black Velvet (opens in new tab), a creamy black, and crafted the martini glass from Swarovski crystals soaked in polish and let dry for best application. Oh, and the polishes Blake used? Only $7.

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Whether you're a martini-drinker or not, you can definitely appreciate this nail look.


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