Editors On The Beauty Treatments That Are Always Worth It

Serious inspiration for your next self-care day.

Salon hair dryers
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Whether it’s a fresh mani before heading out for a weekend trip or a relaxing massage to destress from an insane week, beauty treatments are a brief pause from the hustle of your day to focus on you. Every one of us would love hours of back-to-back self-care and pampering sessions, but who really has time for that? These are the reliable beauty treatments that five Marie Claire editors keep rebooking—here’s why they’re always worth it.

“I grew up in a big city, and then moved to another bigger city, so my skin has always been assaulted by pollution, air-conditioning, and fast food (okay, that last one’s on me). That’s my excuse for regular facials—without them my skin gets dull and gray, especially in the winter. There’s something soothing about the process; it’s a rare urban routine that forces you to slow down.” —Jenny Hollander, director of content strategy

“My eyebrows are super light, so it’s always been really important to me to keep them in a nice shape for when I fill them in every morning. And honestly getting my brows waxed is relaxing for me—I go to European Wax Center and the process is pretty detailed (which means more time for me to lay back with my eyes shut)! They use a cleanser on my brows, then prep them with an oil that ensures the wax sticks to my hair and not my skin. Then, they apply the wax (my favorite part). They never double dip and their centers are always impeccably clean, which I love—it's definitely worth going to a professional for this treatment. The whole process is quick and I love how clean my brows look afterwards—definitely worth the short visit every month. Because my shape looks so great, all I have to do is fill my brows in to enhance their color and they look amazing. I use the Browfection® Stayput Brow Pencil in Light. It's really easy to use and lasts all day!” —Maya McDowell, assistant editor

“I like to book my manicures on the weekend because I’m incredibly busy after work during the week, and it’s become one of my favorite ways to unwind. Since I moved to the city three years ago, though, I’ve become less patient sitting through a long manicure—that’s why I love Tenoverten’s quickie mani so much. It’s basically a regular manicure minus the water and full cuticle care, which I can deal with when I’m in a hurry. On a great day, I’m in and out in 30 minutes (including air-dry time!) and I feel like I have my life together again.” —Rachel Epstein, associate editor

VI Peel Facial

“My favorite facial to get for a full-on skin reset is the VI Peel. It’s a pain-free chemical peel that speeds up cell turnover by removing the top layer of the skin through the application of safe (but strong) acids. Afterwards, my skin visibly peels for about 5 to 7 days before revealing a brighter, even-toned complexion. This peel does wonders for my hyperpigmentation and acne scarring.” —Chelsea Hall, assistant fashion and beauty editor

“There’s nothing in the world more soothing to me than an old-fashioned, full-body massage—no frills or fanciness needed. I gift myself a massage at least once a month. Yes, it’s something that I actually pay for as a spoiled beauty editor. But I do it because a good rub-down is like a reset for my mind, body, and soul. I zone out and when I stand up I feel lighter and my body feels loved, which really is what makes me feel the most beautiful.” —Maya Allen, beauty editor

"I tried a bunch of waxing salons in New York City before discovering European Wax Center and literally nothing compared to the cleanliness, speediness, and results from EWC. It's absolutely a treatment worth leaving to the professionals—trust me, I've tried (and failed) to get the same results at home.

EWC has a four-step system: cleanse, protect, wax, and rejuvenate. The cleanse makes sure the area is totally free of oil, lotion, etc. The 'protect' step refers to an application of oil to make sure that the wax sticks just to the hairs, not your skin. Then comes the wax. EWC uses their proprietary Comfort Wax™, which goes on as a soft melted wax and hardens on your skin so your pro can pull it off. Some salons use a wax that doesn't harden and must be pulled off with paper that's applied to the wax, and I've found EWC's method to be a lot less painful. Finally, they apply the Smooth Me™ Ingrown Hair Serum to soothe the skin and keep the hair follicles clear to prevent ingrowns. It can take as little as 15 minutes—in, out, and on with your life!" — Eden Sankin, senior branded editor

Maya McDowell

Maya McDowell is an Assistant Editor at HearstMade.