Tyler Cameron Talks Skincare and His Wellness Routine

If you've ever wanted beauty tips from Tyler, here he is in a face mask, at your service.

Tyler Cameron, Hannah Brown's former (?!?) love interest on season 15 of The Bachelorette, is 10/10 a heartthrob. Look at that gorgeous smile, crackin' bod, wispy hair, and clear skin...are you also dying to know his beauty secrets? Same. So, Cameron and his friend Olivia Faria joined us from their Quarantine Crew HQ for the latest episode of of Masked and Answered starring Clarins SOS Pure Rebalancing Clay Mask ($34).

Cameron's morning beauty routine in his own words: "I wake up, roll out of my bed, go to my bathroom, brush my teeth—that's always step #1, take some water and splash it to wake myself up a little bit, then tap my caffeinated eye cream, apply my Clarins Double Serum ($89), and then moisturizer. If I'm going to be outside a bunch, I put some sunscreen on." (In the video, Cameron also admits that he definitely needs to be wearing more sunscreen.)

The Clarins Double Serum Complete Age Control Concentrate is Cameron's favorite and the only one he's ever used. According to one of his recent Insta posts, he applies it like so: "I use Double Serum to help hydrate my skin and make it look youthful. Big upgrade from just using a bar of soap...I also learned to always apply by pressing into the skin and absolutely no more rubbing with a towel!" You read right: no rubbing! As for a heavy or lightweight moisturizer, Cameron prefers the latter. "I'm definitely a lightweight moisturizer kinda guy," he says.

"Growing up, I thought skincare was only for girls—I damaged my skin so much," Cameron confesses. "[When we were] guys in the locker room playing college football, we started talking about using lotion. And now, I'm starting to have conversations with my friends about using hair products and stuff to make our skin look and feel better because we want to look good. There's a lot to learn and to do to keep my skin looking and feeling young."

Cameron feels his absolute best after a really good workout, and we can see why (wink, wink). "I sweat a bunch, take a fresh shower, and come out feeling so confident and motivated, " he says. "Look good, feel good—feel good, look good."

The craziest beauty treatment he's ever tried: a vampire facial from his aesthetician in the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Read up on this scary-sounding treatment, here.

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