This $20 Denman Brush Transformed My Curls

Hello, perfect spirals!

During this year of chaos, I've more or less removed myself from all that at-home self-betterment I see going on. While everyone else is running around learning to bake bread, and figuring out how to exercise indoors, I've been enjoying matching sweatpants and not putting on makeup. But, for the past two months, I have dipped my toe into one specific self-care ritual: Learning how to actually take care of my curly hair.

For context: My hair texture is all over the place. In some areas I have 2C waves; in others, 3B ringlets. I put this down to the fact that I've been heat styling my hair for…let's just say my entire adult life. I'm the only person in my family with curls, so I've been learning as I go. And the process hasn't always been pleasant.

To give myself some more knowledge, I jumped in head first. And where does someone go if they want to learn about their curly hair? Apparently, the answer is TikTok. As I diligently scrolled through videos of women with the most enviable, consistent spiral curls I've ever seen, I noticed something: Almost every single one of them was using the Denman Classic Styling Brush, with 7 rows of bristles.

I was always told that brushing was a big no-no for curls. We've been inundated with horror stories about about frizz, split, ends, and destroyed curl patterns, all due to a hairbrush. But it turns out, there is a scenario where it's acceptable: Brush your curls with the Denman brush while the hair is still damp, out of the shower.

A quick disclaimer: This brush might not work for everyone. For 2C waves to type 3 curls, this method will help add lust-worthy spirals. For other hair types, the Denman can still work as a detangling tool and to distribute products. Some people with type 4 coils love it, and for others, it falls short. Hair is so versatile and personal, and curls are especially capricious. A lot of this comes down to personal preference. If you are on the hunt for clumped together, corkscrew ringlets, the real trick is learning how to use this brush correctly.

1: Detangle damp hair and apply products

2: Brush small sections in a twisting motion away from the scalp, then shake and scrunch

3: Scrunch in gel and dry

You did it!

The difference this has made to my hair is astounding. I've tried finger-coiling sections instead, but it's more laborious with less intense results. Think of it like training your hair: Once it gets into the rhythm of clumping together, it will do so more naturally in the future. A nice added bonus? When it's time to detangle the hair in the shower, I've noticed that there are fewer snags and almost no matting. Talk about a game-changer.

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