Bic's Cult-Favorite Razor is on Major Sale on Amazon Right Now

One pack includes 12 (!) razor heads.

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Every now and again, one single product reaches such cult success status that it becomes a mainstay in your shower without your noticing that it's there at all. That's how I—and the rest of the internet, it seems—feel about the BIC Flex 4 Sensitive Hybrid Men's 4-Blade Disposable Razor. Never did I think that I would rave about a disposable razor, but this one is a game-changer in my routine. It's also picked up upwards of eight thousand five-star reviews in the process.

The made-for-men shaving staple has gained a legion of female followers who swear by it for longer, smoother shaves—and it's on major sale right now as a part of Amazon's Holiday Beauty Haul event. A pack that includes one handle and 12 disposable cartridges is going for only $17.44 right now, down from its original price of $26.

Each razor head is comprised of four blades and a lubricating Aloe and Vitamin E-enriched strip that might be designed to work on the face but that does just as well on any other part of the body that you prefer to shave. The pivoting-style head also doesn't catch on the delicate skin around the knees or ankles, leaving users with a smooth, nick-free shave.

"The shave is so close it makes your skin gleam," says one Amazon reviewer who identifies as female. "My legs were so smooth they were almost shiny." Thousands of other users make similar claims, citing the razor's durability in the shower and the fact that it seemingly makes skin feel less irritated when compared to other disposable razor options. This is only aided by the slip-free handle that allows users to get a closer shave without sliding around on the skin.

A disposable razor that promises a smooth shave and leaves my skin feeling like silk and lasts for days? This is the one.

Julia Marzovilla
Julia Marzovilla

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