According to Anastasia Soare, You're Making This Common Mistake With Your Brows

Plus, her “bulletproof” process for getting a long-lasting gel finish.

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If Anastasia Soare knows one thing, it’s how to create the perfect brow. It’s in part how her very (very) talented hands have graced the faces of essentially every celebrity, from Jennifer Lopez and Cindy Crawford to Kim Kardashian. But the Eyebrow Queen’s talents run the gamut. She’s an entertainer (she cooks a “killer” Branzino), a brand founder (chances are you have some Anastasia Beverly Hills in your makeup bag), and, per my personal experience, gives a phenomenal makeup tutorial. 

She has a “bulletproof” tip for creating the perfect brow. The key, as it appears, is taking a less is more approach to product application. She’s discovered how to lift and plump her lips with a simple little liner trick. And, she even discovered “best” hair mask in existence—and she’s tried hundreds. To get the full breakdown on the products Soare swears by (her new Brow Freeze and Velvet Matte Lipstick obviously top the list), discover why J. Lo is her beauty icon, and learn some of the best beauty hacks in Hollywood, read ahead. 

Rise & Shine

The first five minutes after I wake up, I’m on my phone. Then, very close to my bed, I have a bar where I have my espresso machine and my water. I pour a big glass of water and make myself an espresso. Black. I don't like sugar, I don't like milk. Then I’ll  start opening my emails, my Instagram, my TikTok. I spend maybe an hour on that. 

Morning Maintenance

I take a shower and use this Molton Brown Shower Gel—it’s my favorite.  Then I’ll use Kim Kardashian’s SKKN exfoliator in the shower. It's the best exfoliator. I love it. Then I start with my routine. I have very dry skin, so my skin constantly needs a lot of moisturizer. I alternate my products. Sometimes I use Biologique Recherche, sometimes I use SKKN, sometimes I use Dr. Barbara Sturm. 

In the morning, I use cand Diana Madison Face Oil—it’s a great oil. I use Barbara Sturm’s Calming Serum, Sun Drops, Super Anti-Aging Night Cream, Eye Cream, and Night Serum. I use SKKN’s eye cream and face cream. I’m very picky, so trust me when I say this is amazing. I’m not telling you this because I want to promote it, it’s just amazing. I also really like Le Domaine. I have to say it’s really good. I love that the cap is from a barrel of wine and that it comes with a smaller cap for when you have to travel. 

Signature Makeup Look 

I use my lip liner every single day. It’s wood, which means it doesn’t absorb the oil and the texture remains perfect. It’s not too dry or too sharp. I can really change the shape of my lip. Because of aging, the corners of my lips kind of droop, so I just shade—not using too much pressure—and lift them. Then, I can create even lips and top them with my new Velvet Matte Lipstick. 

Of course I have to use the products for eyebrows. I like to start with the brow freeze first. The trick is to put just a little on the applicator. People make the mistake of using too much product. All you do is tap a little bit onto the brow. Start from the middle and place the hair exactly where you want. The moment your eyebrow looks shiny—you’ve used too much product. You really have to clean all sides of the applicator before putting on the hair. Within three minutes it dries and it’s bulletproof.  

Our Rose Metal eyeshadow palette is one of my favorites. I like the dune and noble; they create the perfect crease color. My favorite blush trio is Peachy Love; sometimes I mix all of them together. Then, I use our Lash Lengthening Mascara because I have very small lashes. The brush is a little smaller so it gets into all the little corners. 

Self Care Ritual

I like to listen to music. It depends on the mood, but I like to listen to classical music because it's calming. I like May Davis, Frank Sinatra, or Amy Winehouse. I also like to just meditate to center myself and have gratitude, count my blessings, and think about how amazing my life is. I’ll read some books or a paragraph about and be thankful for being healthy and doing what I love. 

Cheap But Chic

Ardell lashes 420 are my favorite. They’re super small and of course you can use my tweezers to attach them. I also love Refresh—my eyedrops, and Marvis toothpaste. 

Signature Scent

Portrait of a Lady. That’s it, I don’t use anything else. I have their body butter, their fragrance, their hair mist—everything. 

Beauty Icon

There are so many women that are beauty icons, but Cindy Crawford and Jennifer Lopez really inspire me. They are confident, they are authentic, and they have passion for embracing their individuality. I’ve been friends with Jennifer since ‘92, and she went out there and she said, I love my curves. I'm confident. I love it. I am happy that I'm different and I'm celebrating myself. After that, everybody started celebrating. She just keeps getting better and better looking. I know for sure that Jennifer doesn't have any surgery. It’s just a natural beauty that comes from inside her—and of course great genetics. 

Hair Help

I like to use Phillip B. They’re incredible and I’ve used their products for many, many years. I like the Olaplex shampoo and the Christophe Robin hair mask. I’ve tried every mask possible, and this is by far the best. Tracy Cunningham does my color—she’s the only one that could ever create this blonde. 

Backup Career

I think I would still go into some creative direction. I'm fascinated by storytelling and being connected to people. I love customers.

P.M. Routine

I drink a lot of tea. At night, I drink herb tea. Sometimes I watch tv, like brainless tv. Other times I’ll read a little bit or just scroll on Instagram or TikTok. 

Samantha Holender
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