Beauty Around the Clock: Angela Caglia

The celebrity facialist on skincare staples, French pharmacy brands, and the importance of being able to drink rosé out of her LED mask.

angela caglia
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Angela Caglia has two full-time jobs. Both in beauty, both equally impressive. First and foremost, she’s an aesthetician extraordinaire with a clientele ranging from Helena Christensen to Barbara Streisand. Second, comes her role as CEO and founder of Angela Caglia Skincare, where she’s developed everything from a life-changing rose quartz LED mask—one that was intentionally designed with a mouth hole large enough for a wine glass (!!)—to an uber-hydrating moisturizer developed with sensitive skin in mind. 

Conveniently, the jobs are mutually beneficial. “It’s ideal for me to create products while still working with women because I’m touching their skin and talking about their concerns in real-time—and then I can create a solution with my chemist,” Caglia says. 

While the day-to-day of being a businesswoman takes up a good chunk of time, Caglia still squeezes in moments of self-care. Be it her extensive evening routine (boiling water and massage tools are involved) or her body brushing ritual pre-shower, the LA-based aesthetician puts in the work to have healthy skin. Here, she breaks down the products, habits, and rituals that give her a glow.

Rise & Shine

I’m really a natural riser and I wake up pretty early. My husband’s a little quicker at getting up so I cajole him into making me coffee—it’s always an almond milk latte or straight black coffee. Then I also make it a point not to look at my phone that’s charging next to my bed. I don’t look at it for at least 45 minutes—on purpose—because I want to enjoy that time with my coffee and use it to take my dogs on a walk. I have a Scottish Terrier named Max and then I have a rescue named Sadie. 

Morning Maintenance 

I don’t wash my face in the morning, which people might find interesting given that I’m a facialist. I don’t even splash water on my face because that can all change the pH of your skin. In the morning, I don’t need to remove sunscreen or makeup. I don’t sweat at night and I’m not acneic. So it’s best not to disrupt my acid mantle and my lipid barrier. I tell all my clients over 35 to skip the cleanse in the morning. It’s literally helped my skin tremendously to become balanced. Most cleansers on the market are filled with synthetics that are actually very drying and stripping for your skin—even if there is a little foam. I’ve done this for, like, 20 years. I normally go right into using my Soufflé Moisturizer and throw on a hat and sunglasses before going outside. 

Power Start 

Lately I've been doing intermittent fasting, so I don't have anything until noon. No breakfast—just black coffee, or if I'm indulgent, I'm doing a latte. But I do love a good breakfast. When it's breakfast time, my biggest indulgence and what makes me so excited and happy, is authentic huevos rancheros. 

Signature Look 

I’m 51, so I just don’t want to wear a lot of makeup. I’m also an esthetician, and no one wants to come in and get a facial with someone who has a lot of makeup on—it’s not good form. Honestly, I don’t even know how to apply makeup. I’m good at skincare, but horrific at makeup. Lately I’ve just been purchasing Hourglass because it’s quite fun and it’s foolproof. It’s very easy to use, buildable, and I love that they donate one percent to animal charities. I also love a tinted moisturizer with sunscreen. I’ve been using the Super Skin Serum from Ilia for about a year now, but I also love the one that Summer Fridays just launched. 

On the Job 

I check my emails in the morning and I’m responding to product development questions for my new skincare products or to global retailers. Then there’s questions for marketing or going back and forth with my graphic designer on images. I still give facials too. I’m the CEO of the business and then I have to pivot and book appointments. When it’s facial time, it’s all about the client’s self-care. I'll go buy flowers and get the room ready. I try to forget that I'm the CEO of the skincare brand and I become just their facialist for that time. It’s actually become part of my self-care because it's very relaxing for me. It's also a great way to research products and know what women’s concerns are. 

Self Care Ritual 

Well, once a week I will go into my own facial studio and give myself the Geneo treatment, which is really the only treatment I’ve been jonesing to use to make myself look better. That’s my professional self-care. It’s really quick and only takes me a half hour. But on a daily basis? I used to drink a glass of red wine in the evening to decompress, but now I’m drinking this non-alcholic rosé called Surely Rosé. It tastes just like the real thing and I can drink two glasses and feel fabulous. It gives me the ritual of drinking wine, but I know it’s better for me. I also have an infrared sauna at home, so if I’m *really* stressed, I’ll jump in there. 

Signature Scent 

I don’t really wear fragrance because I am a facialist, but when I do want to wear a scent I grab something called Strange Love. My friend, and client of many years, Helena Christensen is an investor in the company and she gave me some to try and it’s just amazing. It’s this gorgeous, sexy scent. 

Hair Help 

I have a lot of hair. It’s fine, but there’s a lot of it. I recently got it cut, so now I have a long bob. It’s so easy and versatile to style, so I can curl it or have it straight. I’m currently really digging the Fabe & Mane shampoo, conditioner, and hair mask. 

Body TLC

I like to dry brush before I get in the shower to stimulate blood flow and help with circulation. After I shower I’m big on body oils. Osea has a beautiful body oil that comes with a pump, so it’s easy to use. They also have a liquid body balm that I’m obsessed with. 


I mean, I do like to pick up some drugstore skincare. They still have the French pharmacy brands in the drugstore. I’ll grab some RoC and La-Roche Posay—it’s fun for me. 

Beauty Icon 

Monica Bellucci is kind of a beauty icon for me. She’s always had this sensuality about her and going through the years, she didn’t ever really change her look. Also Andie MacDowell. She just went grey with her curly hair and I think she’s even more gorgeous now—she’s just owning aging. 

Backup Career 

I either would have been a lawyer (I studied for the LSAT in college), or a food stylist. I love to take pictures of food—it’s the freakiest thing. 

P.M. Routine 

The nighttime routine is really important to me. I always do this routine before I get tired, so there’s no way I’ll ever go to sleep with my makeup on. The goal is to go in around 7:30 with my Neroli Cleansing Oil, which is so aromatic; it feels like a little spa ritual. I created it where you don’t need to do a second cleanse because it does emulsify. After that I’ll try and get in a LED treatment. I use my crystal LED face mask. I put rose quartz crystals with the LED lights because I wanted to create something that felt very wellness-like without making me look like a Power Ranger. It’s very feminine and very comfortable—I even made the mouth large enough so I can sip a glass of wine—or the Surely Rose—while doing the 10 minute treatment. Then I’ll go apply my Souffle Moisturizer and top it with the Daily Botanical Serum, which is my organic face oil. 

Now we get in with some tools. I’ll do the Sonic Sculpting Roller, which has 6,000 sonic vibrations per minute that help sculpt and lift. It feels like a massage. When it's colder outside, I'll dip that roller in boiling water for a second, lift it up, and it heats that stone. I'll test it on my wrist and then super infuse my skin care with the vibrational warm stone.

Lights Out 

My husband and I are kind of joined at the hip. He’s my business partner and my husband, Lately, we’ve been trying to not watch as much news, which has been really good for our mental health. Sometimes we’ll do some stretching at night or even do a little work. We deal with different continents, so we have China emails and Australia emails. 

Occasionally I’ll go do an Instagram Live. I have a studio at home and have found the best time to go on air is in the evening. I’ll go over routines or just sit there and answer questions.

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