The 7 Best Tweezers for Hair Removal in 2023

Get rid of unwanted hair in a snap with these tweezers.

woman plucking her eyebrows with tweezers
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Removing the hair on your face—or anywhere else on your body—is and should be a personal preference. But, if you do choose to opt into the world of facial hair removal, the humble tweezer still reigns supreme. Whether you’ve been using the same tweezers since high school or are looking for your first set, finding the best tweezers for hair removal can feel daunting—not because there are so many different options, but because the differences between them can be as a thin as a hair (pun very much intended).

So, Marie Claire turned to Mary Phillips, Tweezerman's Brow & Lash Pro Partner, about what she looks for in a pair of great tweezers, plus the details that make all the difference. We also spoke to Joey Healy, eyebrow specialist and owner of Joey Healy Eyebrow Studio, for his picks. Great brows are in your future, so grab your favorite tweezers and your best eyebrow pencil and get to work.

Tweezer Materials

Phillips says that stainless steel tweezers are best: stainless steel “is non-allergenic, so it doesn’t irritate the skin,” she says. “It is also super durable and easy to maintain hygiene with.” 

What to Look For in Tweezers

The metal that a pair of tweezers is made from is important, but so too is a slightly unexpected detail: The grip. "The grasp and tension of a tweezer is a very important feature," she says. "I trust the way a Tweezerman tweezer fits in my fingers and has the right amount of tension, allowing me to do my job efficiently." 

The Best Tweezers

Meet the Brow Experts

Mary Phillips
Mary Phillips

Mary Phillips is a renowned celebrity makeup artist whose clients include some of the most famous models and Hollywood stars.  Known for creating the most flattering, dewy, and flawless complexions, Mary takes a less is more approach to makeup, letting each woman’s natural beauty shine through both in-person and in photos. Mary’s fresh, breathable makeup application has resonated with a loyal audience on social media that trusts her for her innovative yet attainable beauty tips.

Joey Healy
Joey Healy

Known for his trendsetting vision and amazing technical skill, Joey Healy is one of the most influential and sought-after eyebrow specialists in the industry. With his skill for crafting the ideal arch, Joey launched his eyebrow empire in 2010 with his signature product line, Joey Healy Eyebrow Collection, following in 2011. In 2012 Joey opened his flagship Fifth Avenue Joey Healy Eyebrow Studio, a stylish eyebrow sanctuary for his jet-setting, unisex clientele. With his popularity rapidly growing, Joey expanded with a new team of brow proteges to a larger NYC location in 2015.

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