The 18 Best Tweezers for Hair Removal in 2024, Reviewed by Editors

Get rid of unwanted hair in a pluck.

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Deciding to remove the hair on your face—or anywhere else on your body—is a personal preference. But, if you do choose to opt into the world of facial hair removal, the humble tweezer reigns supreme. Whether you’ve been using the same tweezers since high school or are looking for your first set, finding the best tweezers for hair removal can feel daunting—not because there are so many different options, but because the differences between them are marginal.

"I buy tweezers wherever I go," says Pilar DeMann, the owner of at least ten pairs of tweezers (we've seen photo evidence). "But like a favorite burner on the cooktop or knife in the butcher block, I do have favorites."

And so do we! Ahead, Marie Claire chats with a several brow and eyelash artists who utilize the best tweezers in the market regularly. Great brows are in your future, so grab your new favorite tweezers and your best eyebrow pencil and get to work.

The Best Tweezers

Additional Tweezers We Recommend

What to Look For in Tweezers

  • Metal

Phillips says that stainless steel tweezers are best. They're non-allergenic and don't irritate the skin. “[They're] also super durable and easy to maintain hygiene with," she adds.

  • Grip

The material that a pair of tweezers is made from is important, but so too is a slightly unexpected detail: the grip. "The grasp and tension of a tweezer is a very important feature," Phillips adds.

You want to trust the way your chosen pair of tweezers fits in your hand and know that it has the right amount of tension to do its job.

  • Personal Preference

In the end, the best tweezers for you are the tweezers you're most comfortable holding.

"I do think tweezers are very personal," says Christine. "One of my brow artists who works at the brow boutique prefers a stronger pressure grip to her tweezers. I prefer not so much pressure and not too sharp."

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Pro tip: brush your brows up before plucking.

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  • Tip

While slant tweezers are the most commonly seen type of tweezer, these handy little gadgets are available with a number of tip designs. Pointed, flat or square, and rounded tweezers are also available.

"If you are a new brow tweezer user I would start with slanted tweezers," notes DeMann.

How to Use Tweezers

If you've never used tweezers before, you know the first rule is to be careful—any sharp edge near your eyes is something to be wary of. "Less is more, meaning start slow and work your way up. Perhaps visit a professional to ensure you are holding the tweezers properly which will prevent you from getting ingrown hairs and cutting or pinching the skin," says Christine.

DeMann adds that if you choose to do your own brows, it's important to take your time, use great light, really look at what you’re doing and take the process one hair at a time, as one hair will affect five others.

How to Sharpen Tweezers

"Tweezers don't expire," says Taylar. "However, sharpening them is needed every so often because they lose their ability to grip hair." Be sure to sharpen them with an emery board after cleaning with a cotton ball and rubbing alcohol.

Model Naomi Campbell plucks Andy Cohen's eyebrows.

Naomi Campbell once took it upon herself to pluck Andy Cohen's eyebrows during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live. You never know when you'll need your tweezer.

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How to Clean Tweezers

"I would recommend wiping your tweezers with alcohol prior and after usage," says Christine.

When to replace your tweezers depends on how much you use them and how well they've been taken care of and stored. "Be sure to be aware that if you drop them on a hard surface, the tweezers can become out of alignment, which will not provide the same outcome as before," she adds.

Meet the Experts

Mary Phillips
Mary Phillips

Mary Phillips is a renowned celebrity makeup artist whose clients include some of the most famous models and Hollywood stars. Known for creating the most flattering, dewy, and flawless complexions, Mary takes a less is more approach to makeup, letting each woman’s natural beauty shine through both in-person and in photos. Mary’s fresh, breathable makeup application has resonated with a loyal audience on social media that trusts her for her innovative yet attainable beauty tips.

A woman from the shoulders up with long balayaged hair.
Stevi Christine

Stevi Christine is an award-winning celebrity brow and make up artist with over 15 years of experience perfecting her iconic natural-looking, effortlessly chic brows, coining the term "the un done, done brow."

Stevi started her career as a freelance artist working for Laura Mercier where her recognized talent soon took her to working high-profile, film, music and red-carpet events for celebrity clients. In 2008, she was appointed the resident makeup artist at LA's prestigious Warren Tricomi Salon. Spending time with each client to find their unique shape, she became not only a trusted makeup artist, but beloved expert brow artist. Stevi moved on to become the resident brow stylist at Kate Sommerville where she is known as the "eyebrow fairy." She is also the founder of Naturally by Stevi Christine.

A woman wearing a purple dress and pearl necklaces from the shoulders up.
Pilar DeMann

LA born Pilar DeMann is no stranger to the Hollywood life. Deemed the Eyebrow Queen of Litchfield County, Pilar knows that if the eyes are the windows to the soul, then the eyebrows are the frame. It was this notion that led Pilar to conceive a simple routine anchored in brows done right, for her clients. Coined as BLLaC, an easy to remember acronym so women know to focus on their Brows, Lashes, Lips and Cheeks. Whether she is teaching a client how to apply makeup, glamming them up for a party or a walk down the aisle, Pilar always starts with these key features, which has become a simple routine that takes less than five minutes.

Joey Healy
Joey Healy

Known for his trendsetting vision and amazing technical skill, Joey Healy is one of the most influential and sought-after eyebrow specialists in the industry. With his skill for crafting the ideal arch, Healy launched his eyebrow empire in 2010 with his signature product line, Joey Healy Eyebrow Collection, following in 2011. In 2012 Healy opened his flagship Fifth Avenue Joey Healy Eyebrow Studio, an eyebrow sanctuary for his unisex clientele. With his popularity rapidly growing, Healy expanded with a new team of brow proteges to a larger NYC location in 2015.

A young woman wearing a mesh shirt blowing a kiss at the camera.
Taylar B.

Taylar B. is a dynamic Gen Z entrepreneur who has made a significant mark in both the beauty and academic worlds. Graduating high school as valedictorian amidst the challenges of the pandemic in 2021, she exemplifies resilience and adaptability. Currently pursuing her passion for makeup artistry alongside her studies in Political Science at Louisiana State University, Taylar embodies the modern blend of creativity and intellect.

With a keen eye for detail and an innate flair for aesthetics, Taylar has established herself as a sought-after makeup artist, catering to a diverse clientele. Her dedication to her craft and her ability to stay ahead of trends have earned her recognition within the beauty industry.

Simultaneously, Taylar is committed to academic excellence, exploring the complexities of Political Science at one of the nation's leading institutions. Her academic pursuits reflect her curiosity about the world and her desire to make a difference in society.

As a rising talent in both the beauty and academic spheres, Taylar B. brings a fresh perspective and a wealth of talent to everything she does. Her story of perseverance, passion, and ambition serves as an inspiration to her peers and those who aspire to pursue their dreams against all odds.

A woman from the shoulders up with curled hair and a white t-shirt smiling.
Melina Cespedes

After completing her degree at Florida State University, Melina Cespedes ventured off to Los Angeles to further her experiences in the beauty industry. She realized that her passion did not lie in the realm of traditional spas, she went to a lashing seminar, and fell in love. She got married and came back to Miami five years ago and was looking for a lash studio to get her own lashes done and realized Miami did not have any reputable studios. She went back to LA, got retrained and then came back to Miami to launch her company, Lash Society Miami.

“It became my therapy. You know how some people paint and some people run and workout? Well, lashing, to me, is my therapy,” said Cespedes. “It’s an art, and I make sure my aestheticians have lashing as one of their passions. Together, we believe in the art behind it.”

Freelance Writer

Sophia Vilensky is a freelance beauty writer at Marie Claire, where she writes about the latest and greatest skincare launches, hair colors, and Cardi B manicures. Her work can also be found at Byrdie, Bravo, and Us Weekly. You can find her on Instagram @sophiavilensky.