Blake Lively Is a Redhead for Her Role In 'It Ends with Us'

New hair color, new (controversial) film.

Blake Lively shooting 'It Ends with Us'
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The color red is truly everywhere these days. Perhaps most notably, a number of celebrities have been dying their hair red this winter, a trend that was especially visible on the red carpet during the 81st annual Golden Globe Awards last weekend. Now, yet another beloved public figure has been photographed donning lustrous red locks: Blake Lively. It appears that this new look, however, has more to do with the movie she’ll be starring in than it has to do with her personal style.

Since her days on Gossip Girl, Lively has been known for her impeccable style and her long, golden hair. However, her new starring role in the movie adaptation of Colleen Hoover’s It Ends with Us, has required a shift in her look: Now, the star is sporting orange-red hair, which is in line with main character Lily Bloom’s look.

Lively’s hair retains its signature beachy waves and enviable length, but the new color, which is likely the work of a very good wig, is a marked change that would stop any of her fans in their tracks. It admittedly suits the star, though, offsetting her blue eyes and warm complexion.

Blake Lively shooting 'It Ends with Us'

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Lively’s character, Lily Bloom, is at the center of It Ends with Us’ notorious love triangle, which features Bloom’s abusive husband and her first love, a homeless man that she took in years ago. While the story has been criticized for romanticizing domestic violence and abuse, the book (along with the rest of Hoover’s bibliography) remain wildly popular among fans, and the film version has been highly anticipated. 

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