18 Ways to Wear Blue Eyeshadow

From icy '90s lids to minimal New York Fashion Week beauty moments.

model wearing blue eyeshadow and a pink jacket
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With the resurgence of the ’90s and Y2K fashion styles, beauty moments from those time periods are making a comeback—and I do mean thin brows and the beloved brown lip liner/glossy lips combo. Recently, the color blue has made its presence known once again in the beauty world—from fashion designers like Prabal Gurung and Christian Siriano opting for blue eye looks on the runway to celebrities and makeup artists like Miley Cyrus and Dame Pat McGrath painting bright blue looks for red carpet events. There's endless inspiration to be found, but if you’re still struggling to find a blue eyeshadow look that works for your skin tone, we’ve got you covered.

Below, we've rounded up the best blue eyeshadow looks on the interwebs, complete with product recommendations so you can live your best blue life. And if you think wearing blue eyeshadow isn't for you, think again. Makeup has no rules. Besides, if the cast of Euphoria can wear bold and sparkly eye makeup for no reason other than to cry it off, so can the rest of us.

A Teal Mod Moment

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If there’s one thing Halsey can do, it’s rock the color blue—more specifically teal. A mega-trifecta of talent, Halsey did this look herself using products from her own brand, about-face. To achieve this pouty mod look, cover entire lid with a teal shade and follow up with a line of white slightly above the crease.  

Subtle Blue Liner

Barbie Ferreira’s Euphoria character Kat showcased a lot of blues in season 2, including this stunning sharp cat eye and subtle liner moment. Created, of course, from the show's head makeup artist, Donni Davy.

Frosty Winter Blue

Every shade of blue is represented in this frozen ice moment curated by cosmetologist Tiffany Mamahua. Using a range of shades, icy tones are laid on the lid area, stretching over the entire space, while the waterline is edged with a deep sea blue.  

Monochromatic Blue

Blue Eyeshadow Look at Kim Shui NYFW

(Image credit: Getty Image-Noam Galai Stringer)

Makeup artist Charlie Riddle created this blue shadow moment for the Kim Shui Fall 2022 NYFW Runway. To imitate it, cover the lid in an icy blue shade, keeping in mind space for a winged cat eye. Then, using a darker shade of blue, create a smudged wing that blends into the lighter color. Pair with a light lip to keep the eyes as the focal point.

Deep Blue Night Sky

Giving absolute sci-fi realness, Danessa Myricks knows how to make a person glow and sparkle, without a kira kira filter. Using products from her own brand Danessa Myricks Beauty, she eloquently paints model Mame Anta Wade with metallic blue and purple hues to ombre out for a full shadow look. Don’t forget to use a white/crystal shade on the inner corners and brow bone for extra brightness that, yes, even the gods will see. 

Denim Blue Hue

Steve Granitz Contributor miley cyrus

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Powdery cornflower blue is finally making a comeback. Pairing it with a subtle pink/salmon lip shade, Miley Cyrus proves that the combo of blonde hair and blue eyeshadow reigns supreme. For a pigment that pops, prime lids with a liquid formula and gently press shadow onto lids once the base has dried. 

Stage Makeup-Approved Blue

The dramatics of this cabaret-inspired look are for that exact reason: drama! Makeup artist and dancer Tatiana Rose created this beauty moment for a cabaret show she performed in. The white liner and dramatic lashes give a gentle nod to the cabaret time period, with stunning blue shades to fill the rest of the space for an eye look even the back of the theatre will see. 

Rounded Graphic Liner

Rich Fury Staff doja cat

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Not-so-subtle graphic liners have been the makeup mood for the past year, and they're easy to replicate. The simple-but-edgy liner seen on Doja Cat at the Billboard Music Awards was applied by the skillful hand of celebrity makeup artist Ernesto Casillas. Extra thin brushes and a steady hand are needed for this one, but don’t worry if it’s not completely even—lean into it, it’ll still look good.

Glitz Glam Blue

You know what’s better than a blue eyeshadow look? A blue eyeshadow look with Galm Goth Beauty diamond glitters—i.e. the best eye glitters on the market, in my opinion.

Framing Neons

Slaven Vlasic Stringer prabal

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To copy this look, frame the eyes with neon blue, leaving negative space in the middle that contours the eyes. Buff color into the outer and inner corner of the eyes, shading into the lower lash line for a rounded look. Makeup artist Sil Bruinsma used MAC Cosmetics for the eyes at the Prabal Gurung Spring Summer 2022 NYFW show.

Blue Smokey Eye

Orange and blue are complementary colors, meaning they're a match made in heaven for any shoot-worthy look. Model Lynley Eilers stuns in a blue smokey eye applied by makeup artist Ciara Gliona. The trick to a good smokey eye? Use a small rounded brush to gently tap a light primer to the inner corner lid to taper out the bright points.

Blue Gradient Graphic Liner

There can never be enough colorful eyeliner moments, so this denim blue wing is perfect for everyday looks that need a little spice. Anything that Tinashe does and wears is magic—pair that with the talents of makeup artist Alexx Mayo and you’ve got your next signature look.

Minimal Blue & Maximal Gold

The best part about blue makeup is that the smallest addition will still stand on its own, no matter what it’s paired with. Case in point: This blue and gold minimalist look created by the stunning Darling Zee. Using a tiny detail brush, pick up blue pigment to outline the entire eye reminiscent of a rounded cat eye. You’ll get compliments every time.

Betty Boop Blue

Noam Galai Stringer tia adeola

(Image credit: Getty Images-Naom Galai Stringer)

Caricature brows and rounded blue shadow echo the beauty of Betty Boop. A light blue shade was used for some models with others opting for a bright aquamarine color on the Tia Adeola FW ‘22 NYFW runway. This monochromatic blue smokey eye leaves no lid space available for a truly full-coverage moment, created by makeup artist T. Cooper.

Euphoria Electric Blue

If you’re not following the talented and creative Alexandra French on Instagram, do it now. She's one of the makeup artists on Euphoria, and is known for crafting amazing looks on herself and cast members like newcomer Chloe Cherry. This vibrant electric blue look makes clear that colorful lashes are the move for 2022. 

Mermaid Blues

If your end goal is a mermaid vibe, go all in with a sky-blue cream over your lid alongside a pointed cat eye shaped like the sharp waves of a cartoon ocean. Outline the shape using a detailed brush and a bit of blue pigment before filling it in with color.

Blue Shimmer Liner

Salma Hayek captivates with her stare in this denim blue ombré liner, perfectly applied by makeup artist Nikki Wolff. No skill? No problem. Expert application isn’t needed to apply this wing; utilize tape, business cards, or specialized liner stencils to get a sharp line. 

Full Lid Blue

A light pastel blue softly transitions into a frosty shade without any clumps or bare patches. If you want to keep the dramatics without a lot of steps, go for a multi-color look that requires shadow and a generous amount of blending. Pair it with long lashes for extra glam. 

Alexis Gaskin

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