Thanks to Chillhouse, Your Sneakers Can Match Your Press-On Nails

The brand partnered with P.F. Flyers to create three new sneaker and manicure designs.

chillhosue sneakers
(Image credit: Chillhouse)

Over the past few years, press-on nails have experienced a resurgence, largely thanks to Chillhouse. Their press-ons are bar none, with a large range of stunning solids and artistic designs available. If you count yourself as one of the brand's many fans, we have good news: They're taking their talents to the sneaker category.

Chillhouse has partnered with PF. Flyers, one of America’s original and classic sneaker brands, to help you channel your self-expression. They’ve taken three bold designs from Chillhouse’s best-selling Chill Tips styles and paired them with the new fashion-forward Allston Silhouette from PF. Flyers. This is the first time Chillhouse is putting their brand identity and name on another brand’s product, and the partnership couldn't be more perfect. 

PF. Flyers encourage their customers to be bold when it comes to expressing themselves, and Chillhouse aims to inspire their community to find their chill — what better way to do both than by sporting these iconic sneakers? It’s the ideal self-care combination. 

The Chillhouse artists used treatments like embroidery, 3D printing, and transparency to bring the detailed graphics to life before seamlessly integrating them with the sneakers. The result? Wavy Baby, Groovy Baby, and Let it Flow kicks.

If you're keen on matching your shoes to your nails, you can purchase the high-top platform sneakers as a bundle with the matching set of 24 Chill Tips. Take a look at the sneaker trio and matching tips below and shop the limited edition collection before it’s too late.

Sydney Wingfield
Freelance Writer