Courteney Cox Just Added Candles and Hand Cream to Her Dreamy Homeware Line

Time to channel your inner Monica Geller.

Courteney Cox Homecourt promo image
(Image credit: Homecourt)

With her chic, sustainable brand of home goods—called, adorably, Homecourt—Courteney Cox has tapped into her inner Monica Geller. On her Instagram, the actor-turned-designer announced on Monday the release of her new scented candles and hand cream, which join the brand’s hand wash, dish soaps, and surface cleaner—and you can pre-order them now.

For the candles, Cox said, “I wanted the candle’s fragrance to be strong enough to fill a room and the vessel shape and color to go with any style. The prototype was actually hand thrown in my backyard.” As for the cream, “I wanted to make a hand cream that was super hydrating without being greasy and with a beautiful scent. We finally made it!”

Like her most famous character, Cox is a stickler for home decor and cleanliness (and we see absolutely nothing wrong with that).

Courteney Cox candle and hand cream

(Image credit: Homecourt)

The Homecourt candles and hand creams come in the same signature scents as the rest of Courteney’s homewares: Cece, Cyprus Mint, Neroli Leaf, and Steeped Rose. They are now available for pre-order, in case you want to get a jump on completing your countertop collection. It looks like you can buy the products individually or as a set, just as you can for the rest of Cox’s collections. 

In a People interview, Cox described Homecourt products as being like “beauty products for the home” because, as she said, she's "obsessed with how everything looks.” Cox seems just as obsessed with how everything smells: In addition to the hand and surface cleansers, cream, and candles, she said we may be able to expect a room spray in the near future as well. 

Products are available for pre-order on, but will officially launch on April 18. 

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