Dior's New Documentary Demystifies Luxury Fragrance

Everything you've ever wanted to know about the creation of your favorite perfume.

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The world of fragrance is notoriously elusive. Marketing materials, including print ads and television commercials, focus on emotive, often sensual concepts about how scents are meant to make consumers feel. They’re rife with scenes of people at parties, starlit nights, and women in ball gowns throwing off their heels and running barefoot in the grass. This makes fragrance an undeniably fun aspect of beauty, and brands do, of course, offer information about products’ top, heart, and base notes. However, many people (including me) are still curious about how fragrances are actually made. This includes details like how materials are sourced, how they pair together, and how perfumers are inspired to craft their unique creations. 

Now, the veil is finally being pulled back. The House of Dior just released a film by Matthieu Menu that details the reinvention of the latest incarnation of J’Adore, Dior’s iconic and popular fragrance. The film, entitled Inside the Dream Dior, follows Francis Kurkdjian, the French perfumer who has served as the nose behind iconic creations for brands like Burberry, Narciso Rodriguez, Elie Saab, Elizabeth Arden, and more. Kurkdjian has also created artful museum installations on fragrance, for which he has been honored by the French government for his artistic achievement. He even managed to recreate Marie Antoinette's go-to perfume for the Palace of Versailles!

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By watching Inside the Dream Dior, viewers will get a front row seat to the creation of a fragrances, from inspiration to challenges to working with local artisans on sourcing premium materials. It’s already been hailed by critics and beauty enthusiasts alike for its stunning cinematography and valuable insight on the heritage fashion and beauty brand’s creative process. Currently available on Amazon Prime, it runs only a little over an hour, making it a quick, ideal watch for a cozy night in. 

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